Deborah, Kendra, Eldon, Joyce, Julia, and Emily

Hello there!! I guess we might as well start with introductions… We are dairy farmers that live at the foot of Paradise Mountain in Eden Valley.. There’s four girls in our family.. Julia does the milking, enjoys creating things out of wood and is also responsible for “the boyfriend” around here.. Emily fills our house with music and the sound of her pager (She’s currently continuing her education as a Emergency Responder)..Deborah is a Senior in High School and thinks she owns the smartest dog in the world-Rolo-a chocolate lab.. My parents are Eldon and Joyce.. Father enjoys crop farming, hauling soybeans to port during the off season, custom harvesting, bus driving, and his pet rooster-Squawk.. Mother keeps the home fires burning and keeps a close eye on the baby calves..Flower gardens in the summer and quilts in the winter interest her.. And I’m Kendra.. I fill in wherever.. Part of the time it’s at the barn, part of the time it’s in the field.. I also have a taxi/van rental service that gets me into all kinds of unique experiences.. Our family was invited along with Uncle Fred’s family back to Bath County for supper last Friday and I had the experience of sitting in the very back of the van the entire trip. Mother says that everyone should sleep in their guest bed and every van driver should ride in the back of their van.. So now I know.. God has blessed me tremendously and I’m excited to see where He leads me this year.. Life is an adventure and I hope you join us from time to time.. Blessings til next time, Kendra

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