Wait a minute..


Detriot the fearless one


Detriot the pup whispers words of comfort

Wow I truly can’t believe this!! I just read over Kendra’s big introductory letter and she even mentioned that obnoxious rooster and yet she ignored me!! I’m Detriot Snappenbarker Mendoza, and I actually run the show around here.. Sure they wouldn’t admit it, but I am head overseer, chief of the investigations committee, and singlehandedly in charge of baler twine removal.. And what’s more I have the entire family wrapped around my paw.. Well Deborah not as much since she fell for that lil lab.. But they all love me.. even Mother ( don’t tell but she’s my favorite- she plays hard to get, but I can see right thru her act..) I really am a hard worker-why who else bothers to get out of bed @3 to help Julia get in cows? And I love to help move cows, heifers or calves.. Don’t understand why they always yell bout me standing in front and barking.. How else will the cow see me? And even this past fall I helped work ground.. Rode right along on the platform of the tractor.. Now that was work-keeping an eye on both sides of the field at one time.. I didn’t mean to keep brushing against the key and turning the tractor off.. But you know the best thing about me is I LOVE LIFE..I wish you could see me running thru the yard with a big smile on my face.. It truly is a wonderful world!! So there Kendra.. How dare you forget me?! Why I’m part of the family!

3 thoughts on “Wait a minute..

  1. Kendra, have you ever read Hank the Cowdog? You ought to write the next book in the series – you’re just as good but a lot cleaner. Bravo!
    How come you haven’t connected with CLP yet?

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