Of Snow and Such

To our friends scattered here and there,
Hello from Paradise Lane.. We have had an incredible week.. Tuesday night the forecasted snow actually came!!


It was amazing!! All three of my sisters were out at various parts of the Valley and next thing we knew the roads were slick and my one sister had to be rescued from where she’d got stuck right in the middle of the road.. 🙂  So the storm moved in and left us with at least 16 inches..


Is there anything more beautiful than a deere in the snow? 🙂 We all enjoyed the snow a little more once the milktruck had been pulled successfully in the lane and back out the lane again


Julia is convinced that Detroit comes alive once whenever it’s cold.. Whatever the reason he and Rolo couldn’t believe how much fun a snow is


They also did their best to help Jul and I build Goliath the snowman.. We could have used a little more help lifting the beast, and a little less whenever we were in the rolling mode and the dogs were running in front, getting in the way.. 🙂


And then the sun came out and our beautiful countryside is rapidly returning to the mundane winter colors.. :/ But judging from what I discovered  coming in the lane it won’t be long until Spingtime has the Valley alive with new life..


The other big event from our week was- John Deere Day.. I was able to serve food this year.. I love that job.. I’m sure everyone that works beside me thinks ” How on earth did I manage to get stationed beside a wanna be salesperson..” lol So I marketed chocolate milk all day, and I’m sure hoping for an increase in milk prices here shortly!


Emily helped G&W take blood pressure all day.. 108 blood pressures for the day.. Someone asked her if she got bored taking all those blood pressures, or if she just enjoyed the opportunity to harass people.. Hmm..


John Deere Day is always a family friendly event.. This year the 4H was set up helping children plant clovers.. They also had a tub full of shelled corn with hidden treasures in it, I wonder how many bushels of corn headed out the door in children’s shoes..


They also  had a piñata booth set up..


All the fresh popcorn you could want


And cotton candy galore.. One little girl came through and was trying to break her previous record of 13.5 cotton candies.. Ugh.. Somewhere I’m pretty sure I hear a dentist smiling


This little black sheep brought down the house..


One lady that came through said she’d missed John Deere Day last year and she was sad all year.. 🙂 I love the day.. When the farming community comes together before the busyness of springtime.. I know it sounds trite, but it’s kinda like a big family reunion, where you see people you very likely won’t see again til next March, JD Day ’14.. I have to wonder it this is something only we John Deere people understand or if the Agco farmers have a family feel to it as well 😉


So however many 100s of gals of chocolate milk later, I had an amazing day.. Ok, enough of my ramblings..  May God richly bless your week, Kendra  P.S Thanks to Deb and Wyatt for so kindly photographing the day for me 🙂

Bonus pic:


We had company this weekend and I was completely amused to go into the livingroom and discover everyone frantically trying to make up for the hour of sleep that got swiped by good ol’ Day Light Savings Time.. To the Meck’s- please come again soon!

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