Springtime Travels

So all of a sudden it’s like the dam broke and I’m travelling all over this beautiful world.. The first of April found me enjoying Lancaster County in it’s splendor.. We were up for 2 days.. Again the tourist in me took over and I was delighted with the number of horses drawn equipment in the fields.. We drove past one guy that was plowing with 4 horses and watched him turn the entire outfit around. What a process! I had no idea!! They all sidestepped neatly.. Unbelievable.. All to turn over the earth one plowful at a time..


I came across this really cool lake right at sunset.. It looked like it would have been a mill pond at one time.. So I stopped and shivered and enjoyed the beauty.. I’m sure the locals that drove past looked at me and shook their heads and wondered 🙂


I thoroughly enjoyed where I spent the night! The house was built in 1849 and had just recently been remodeled.. What a lovely place! But the real winner was the fact that Juanita and Lynette were the gracious hostesses.. Thanks ladies 🙂


The next day found me and my vanload transferring 18,000 lbs of beans into 5 lb bags.. What a fun way to help the less fortunate!


The one couple that were travelling with me were 87 and 85.. As we worked I observed them and was totally amazed at how they kept right up with their comrades ( who were at the spry old age of 70 🙂 ) Amazing to have such energy at that age and to be using it to bless others!


As I wandered through the warehouse at Christian Aid Ministries, I pondered how incredible it is that we have the resources to help those who are starving whether it be physically or spiritually.. I am so accountable!


And we finished off the trip by shopping at some Amish stores.. This made me smile 🙂

Bonus pics:


Springtime is truly here with lots of new life.. Our neighbors had 19 Golden Retriever pups born one day.. ( 2 mother dogs) Mother Nature has that number down to 14.. Cute little rascals


The Boyfriend got a new flock of chickens.. Julia came home with 2- totally beside herself. I had a lot of questions until she and Mother struck up a deal that they would be eliminated at the 8 week mark.. Then I fully supported the idea-even kindly offered name suggestions- like ” Barbeque” or ” Fried” or ” Rotisserie” but alas, they had passed on during their first night on Paradise Lane.. Julia declares that it has something to do with the cold air I subjected them to during the photo shoot.. Oops


Mother’s one houseplant, a hoya, gets these most exquisite bloom this time of year


And last but not least.. We discovered a recipe for German Chocolate Brownies.. Fantastic!

Mix a German Chocolate Cake mix with 2/3 cup of butter  Bake half of the batter in a greased 9×13 for 10 mins @ 350 degrees. Remove from oven and sprinkle with chocolate chips and a can of Coconut Pecan Icing. Mix a 1/4 cup of milk with remaining batter and layer that on top. Return to oven for 30 more mins and then comes the best part- ENJOY 🙂

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