Cow Caption Contest

To our friends scattered to and fro,

This week found us continuing the hammer down life of a farmer in the springtime.. Father completed planting soybeans on our rental ground, and we started spring chopping. Wednesday as I was in the field, I received a text from Julia.. It read:


Caption naming contest! Winner will receive reward.. To be announced..

Apparently Julia was working with our heifers and snapped this pic on her phone.. I had no idea how serious this really was.. Lets just say 49 entries, and a party complete with 3 gals of homemade ice cream later, the results are in.. 🙂 I get such a kick out of the different directions that the mind runs.. Thought maybe you’d enjoy seeing some of the entries.. Thanks to those of you who humored us.. 🙂

-Just one little kiss!

-This neck massage is moovolous

-Somebody kill this copycat beside me

-Life’s miserable

-I promise I didn’t do it

-Smoochias gracias

-Isn’t there more to life than making milk?

-Mama said there’d be days like this

-Will you marry me?  *Julia wasn’t sure what to respond to this one 😉

-She knows (nose) what’s up

-I’m in a great mood today

-Milking up the sunshine,sunshine

– Mommy why is the world crooked?

-You may be cheering that your bulktank is running over, but this is how we feel about it!

-Crazy for you

-They say that the grass is always greener on the other side..But it looks like I’m going to have to go see a chiropractor to get rid of this kink in my neck!

– I hate it when the milk maid has cold hands!

– Sunshine Indulgence

– No service unless you can see over the bar ( and that’s no bull!)

– Hey.. you sure you know what you’re doing?

-Drink milk, eat chicken!

– Eat more chicken *these were submitted by the boyfriend- the excited new chicken farmer

–  I like to moove it, moove it

– Help me! I hear Emily’s milking again!

– ” Don’t mind me, I’m just admiring your cowloused hands”

– What are you looking at?  Never seen yoga cowlesthentics before?

– What’s with the grill and BBG sauce?

– I love hanging out here.. Now all I need is a moolatte

– Ya wanna sMOOch?!

– Am I cute enough to survive the bulktank overflow?

– I just love that moocic!

– What kind of a mood is Miss Julia in today?

– No offense cause you feed me well too, but where’s Andrew?

– Julll, we finally got the tank fullll!

– And don’t you dare say that I’m being nosy!!

The contributing authors that showed up at the ice cream party voted for the best caption..

Second place: -Kissing booth: 25 cents/ kiss

And the winner -Normally I wouldn’t kiss on the first date, but I’ll break the rule for you!

..and thus provided some excitement for Paradise Lane.. 🙂 Some of the captions have a story behind them.. Like our milk tank has the unusual problem of running over recently -PTL.. And Andrew is a former hired man who was convinced the cows are missing him ;).. Anyhow.. Have a moovolous day- Kendra

Bonus pic:

This is Father’s contribution to my blog.. He thought this would be I’m still not a fan of the rooster, but am a little more tolerant since Sqwack is penned up most of the time.. I wish I knew what Rolo was thinking.. Jimmy and Mervin are being good sports..

” Somehow the picnic didn’t turn out quite like Sqwack had imagined..”


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