My Mother, My Friend

Probably 10 years ago, our family went with a local Old Order family to a lake for a picnic.. James was about 4 years old and somehow spent the entire evening with Julia and I.. I will never forget the 3 of us being out on the moonlit lake in a boat, and him looking at us with big blue eyes and saying, ” I wish you were my Mothers!”

Obviously last Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we take time to think a little more about the huge impact these ladies make on society.. What an undertaking. A lot of my friends have embarked on this incredible journey already, and I’m sure they would have lots of wisdom for me.. What does it take to be a good mother?

As I analyze the Mother figures in my life, I think I have came across the one main key to a successful mom.. ( Okay so this is totally a shot in the dark- all you Mothers are welcome to comment and correct me at the end of this post 🙂 ) .. But as I observe- It’s the ability to be a friend.

I have had lots of opportunities to stand back and watch over the years.. Take the mom with lots of boys, that isn’t afraid to tussle, put up with a pet groundhog (named Chuck) living in a laundry basket on her back porch, help skin out whatever the traps bring in, and cook and cook and cook..

Or the mom with lots of girls.. I struggle as I write this one because obviously we are an all girl family, Yet we weren’t exactly raised to be all lace and tea parties.. Instead dear Mother put up with us roller blading around the kitchen table, attempting to dig holes to China in the garden (we weren’t actually sure we’d make it to China, but we thought we’d probably find something pretty cool if we only dug far enough 🙂 ), playing an unique version of “Ghost in the Graveyard” in our house (this worked amazing because we had two stairways to our upstairs- so you could thunder down the steps a thousand mile an hour and maybe make it to base ok:) ), putting up with our “band practice” directly below their bedroom on Sunday afternoons-for a surprise concert, etc etc..

But We made.. Childhood, teenage years, and now as I attempt to pretend I’m an adult, I can honestly say my mom is one of my best friends. Because, for forever, she’s taken the time to listen to me, encourage, direct, chastise (this one wasn’t as much fun), laugh with and sometimes at, counsel, and the list could go on.. And that in my opinion is the way to be an amazing friend..


And so Mother dear, and all the other ladies who have taken time to be interested in me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your influence really does make a difference. God has blessed me tremendously through you. I love you,    Kendra

Bonus pics:


One thing I learned from Mother is to observe my surroundings. I discovered these little Lady Slippers as I was heading out the lane. What a unique flower!

DSCF4098 DSCF4104

We enjoyed one of the most beautiful evenings up on Reddish Knob recently. Craig thought the sunbeams on the mountains were so beautiful, he could just eat them.. It was raining in the Valley and from time to time we could see rainbows.. And then the sky opened up and sent sunbeams-instead of slanting out, they slanted in- right over Mt. Crawford, which the Boyfriend (who is a native of the town) explained to us “Is the chosen place”.. Now you know.. 🙂 Oh and Deborah made the discovery of the year, by roasting “pop biscuit” Garlic Breadsticks on a stick over the fire.. The new “must have” for every campfire party..

DSCF4105 DSCF4106

Some couple from N.C came and asked if we’d take a pic of them, so we exchanged photography capabilities.. I love the goofy shot.. Notice Batman in the VT cape sailing behind us.. Not sure what Bruce had in mind there.. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Mother, My Friend

  1. well done, Lady! I hope that when Jennalee is your age she can say the same of our relationship. I think that is the best reward a Mother could have. So there you have it from a Mother’s side. 🙂

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