Farmer’s Prayer


With Faith, Dear Lord, I turn the sod

Warmed by the breath of spring,

And in the freshly furrowed rows,

I plant my seed and sing,

The same old song my father sang,

When he too tilled the soil,

And found the happiness and joy

That comes through honest toil.

Bound to the earth through ties of blood,

Somehow I seem to know

In seeds as well as kindly deeds..

I’ll reap the things I sow..              -Author Unknown


Bonus pics:


This photo is courtesy of the boyfriend.. He very kindly assisted with tree removal around here, and Julia had her maiden voyage with a chainsaw..


Julia was all excited to purchase multiple seed packets at Dollar Tree and grow her own Marigolds, Zinnias  and Bachelor’s Buttons.. At $2.00 / six pack from the greenhouse, She could hardly fathom how much money she was saving.. She built a little hot bed which she watered faithfully and closed on the cold nights we’ve had recently. The much anticipated day finally arrived when Mother helped Julia  set out her flowers, and she discovered that her hot bed wasn’t only useful for flowers, it made an amazing garter snake habitat.. She said that I’m not allowed to tell all about it, but lets just say the very excited shrieks where not from Mother.. 🙂

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