August of 1993, the pace of life changed a little here on Paradise Mountain… I took the plunge and entered the incredible world of education-ready or not. There I was heading out the door in a red dress with ribbons to match and my Garfield lunchbox.. “Look out World cause here I come!”


And what an experience it was. As I attempt to dust off some of those memories that have been shelved a long time ago, I can’t help but smile. The educational part of education was great. I’m sure it’s so much a part of me that there’s no way to separate out how much of those years of learning I now put to use, but I know it makes all the difference in who I am. Spelling lists ( my whole spelling idea is a complete nightmare, but that’s a complete other story.. Maybe later ;)..);nature walks, Research papers, Science projects; difficult Language diagramming sentence experiences and creative writing; Music class and the enjoyable times of special singing groups; Art class which somehow I always managed to end up with a sad rendition of what might have been (Art is not one of my strong points); Bible class and the discussions that made me think, like how long forever is- made my brain hurt; Social Studies and History opened up a whole new world to me and made me want to travel and experience it all..

And then there was the social aspect of things. Learning life lessons.. It’s not always fair.. Sometimes it hurts.. Learn how to get along.. Not everyone is included always.. Accept people for who they are.. Be compassionate.. Share.. Give it your best no matter what.. I was blessed with an amazing group of friends as I grew up. Somewhere I still have a collection of notes that we passed-ulta sneakily back and forth- discussing what ever crisis was at hand. My teachers put a pile of time into me.. And patience too-I can’t imagine putting up with me as a child :).. I learned so much! Thank you, Berea Christian!

And then it was over. While I enjoyed school, I could hardly wait to be out. Hard to believe that I’ve been out for almost as many years as I was a student..

So for 20 years now, August contains a date that strikes an incredibly sad note in the hearts of the Horst gang.. Father even wrote a song about it. I wish you could hear him sing it. It almost brings tears to my eyes.. ” Now the Summer’s Over, School is drawing nigh..” This usually is accompanied by tears, and we all morn the passing of another year, the carefree days of summer-back to the grind of school.. And while the amazing days of summer will still be as fleeting this year- as they were before, School is no longer drawing nigh for us.. Deborah graduated Friday night!

20 years.. Of hot lunches, countless rounds providing transportation, permission slips, new dresses- for the first day of school and each music program, tuition, attempting to the get the school children out the door on time, helping study for that test, covering so that one of us could rush off on some important  school related activity, etc etc.. What a marathon- no wonder my parents felt like crying as Deborah walked across the stage, diploma in hand..

I remember Baxter Black commenting on his daughter’s grad that she walks onto the stage-still his little girl, and walks off the stage an adult woman ready to take on the world-college, job world, or whatever.. So I watched Deborah extra closely to see if I could see a difference-Just kidding.. While I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have the parental sentimental idea going on here- He has a point.. Just shaking hands with the Chairman of the School Board marks the official change from childhood to whatever is next..

We attempted to sing an accepella version of “Pomp and Circumstance” .. The last verse written by Patricia Martin really struck me.. “Lord into the future, We follow in step; Thru faith we shall conquer, by grace we are kept; Our torches all burning with kindling divine, hearts holy and yearning, lights ready to shine; Until Thy returning, we’ll serve Thy design..”

So Congrats, Little Debi!! I love you


Bonus pics:


We were so glad the Daniel and Ruth and their hilarious, energetic children were around this weekend. Friday night when Deborah quit celebrating and came home- she had the most excited helpers ever helping her unwrap her gifts.. They pretty much would have each gift unwrapped by the time she’d open the card.. Adorable..


My van “Faith” got a workout pulling this exotic trailer back to the Greenbrier Trail..


The boyfriend’s Mom has the most incredible flower bed full of Irises, peonies, etc that I’ve ever seen. Completely breathtaking..


This time of year is just amazing.. As we sat around a campfire last night, I said “I sure wish there was a way to can evenings like this, and open them up next February..” Hey we are opening up a can of Memorial Day weekend tonight.. Y’all wanna come over? LOL What a Wonderful World!!

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