May days

To our friends scattered to and fro,

Hello once again from Paradise Lane. This has been a good week. We are in the middle of a really warm spell. Mother keeps threatening to turn on the AC and Father keeps saying “Tomorrow will be cooler..”  Today “Tomorrow finally arrived”.. We are hoping to get a little rain out of this new front- we sure could use it. But God knows that..

About the only complaint I have with living at the foot of the mountain like we do, is.. We always miss the sunsets. So whenever I’m out and about and actually get to see the sunset- I usually comment and comment- about enough to drive whoevers with me to tears.. But seriously- I’m pretty sure I have a sunset deficiency.. I love to try to photograph what I see. I hope you can overlook my pitiful efforts, as well as the inferior quality of the camera enough to attempt to picture the beautiful sky I  was attempting to capture..


The sun is setting of Greystone Farms.. Their cows were not sure what to think of me 🙂

And we took an evening off and went with a group up to Skyline Drive and hiked Bear Fence Mountain. Highly recommended. We learned the definition of ” Rock Scramble”. So be warned- Some agility is required. And some bug spray would have been nice too. Mother claims to have discovered all kinds of exotic flowers.. I wonder if she made up the names.. Have you ever heard of “heluaboris?” ( Not sure if that’s the way she planned to spell it or not;)..) The only downer of the experience was that Emily’s schedule didn’t allow her to join us.. Next time Em?

DSCF4390 DSCF4400

Yesterday was the beautiful picture perfect June wedding day for my cousin Susan.. Very nice ceremony.. and the food was far out delicious! I stayed and helped wash dishes with a very efficient group of ladies, and somehow managed to be at the right place at the right time, because Aunt Donna kindly sent home one of their beautiful bouquets with me. So I happily made up this big story about catching the bridal bouquet and asked my sisters what that meant, etc.. Never once thinking that I needed to finish the tale.. So now you know Deb.. Sorry for not clarifying right away.. 🙂 You didn’t miss the bouquet toss in your rapid departure to cover chores.. And quite confident this ol gal won’t be the next one walking up the aisle-lol


A very hearty Congrats to Susan and Denver.. Wishing you a love as beautiful as the day you said “I do..” Blessings to you!


And this final pic speaks for itself.. Detroit thinks it’s high time I post about him again.. Here he is fearlessly sounding out the snake alert warning.. Rolo very obviously had something else in mind.. Silly ol dogs..

That’s about it.. Our Sunday School lesson was on James 1 and I’m just challenged all over to not just be a hearer of the Word, but a doer.. To completely apply what I hear to me, and then to reach out to the hurting around me.. Wow, Looks like I’m going to have a busy week!!  Blessings to you,   Kendra

6 thoughts on “May days

  1. The flower is Helleborous.. Not sure if it grows in the wild or not, but became familiar with it during the greenhouse days.. And you don’t need to make fun of me 🙂 -message from Mother

  2. Hey, I didnt no wat helle-whatevers are!! 🙂 Seriously im reconsiderin comin 2 visit… all these snakes r freakin me out!!!! 🙂 (u no me n snakes…)

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