My Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Wow- I sure do.. I don’t keep an actual list written on paper- but there is a running tally in my mind.. 🙂

What is a Bucket List? The first time I heard about such a thing- a local writer ran a continual article in our local paper.. 30 things she wanted to do before her 30th birthday.. She was really spunky.. Skydiving, milking a cow, running a chainsaw, etc.. Some things on her to do list- I was amazed.. She really wanted to date.. So I read with amusement her readers efforts to help her.. Anyhow..

I looked up the definition. The word first showed up in 2006. It means a list of things one wants to accomplish before they “kick the bucket”.

My friend Lora and her sisters took several horse and buggies down to Bridgewater Retirement Community and were offering rides. An old lady came bustling through the crowd and said ” A buggy ride is on my bucket list, and I don’t have long..” Another lady overheard and said “No she doesn’t!”

One thing that’s been on my list for a long time is Deep Sea Fishing.. I had the opportunity to enjoy that almost 3 weeks ago (Sorry, I haven’t had time to blog..:/ ) What a beautiful day! We sat out in the bay-rolling with the waves.. Catching fish after fish.. I do not pretend to be a fisherman. I have no experience whatsoever.. It was great.. There’s nothing like the sun and that ocean breeze… In fact it was such a positive experience that I’m thinking I’m going to put “deep sea fishing” back on my list.. 🙂 Maybe I’m “hooked”..


So basically my bucket list is another word for wish list. It mainly involves travel- I’m afraid.. To see the Northern Lights dancing so brilliantly that I can feel them.. Eat Lobster in New England.. Visit Key West.. And Africa.. Obviously it’s up to God the course of my life- if I will ever have opportunity to give some time- in Asia.. Haiti.. I’m glad He knows! And I’m excited that His plans are far more exotic than what I can dream up..

So when I come to the end.. I’m sure it will not matter what my experiences have been.. But I hope, if I have a chance to look back- that I can say that I enjoyed it to the fullest of my capabilities.. Whether “It” is eating rice in a hut somewhere-or feeding cows- or hanging up laundry.. 🙂

What’s on your list? I hope you have a chance to tell me sometime.. Blessings on your day -Kendra

Bonus Pics:


Tis the season of travel.. Spent the day at Mt Vernon.. A fun day


We took a water taxi up the Potomac River to Washington’s home. There was an osprey in a nest beside where we boarded.. With a 3 week old. It was so neat to watch her fly in with fish for her little one..


Spent most of my week Missouri. We stopped in Mansfield at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead. Interesting to tour the place. Missouri wildflowers are amazing. I enjoyed the pink wild roses and the coneflowers along the road.


Stopped twice at Lake of the Ozarks. A beautiful place with 1300 miles of shore line.


Visited this farmer as he was heading to plant corn. They are really wet out there. I was fascinated by the mud puddles along the road. They were FULL of little green frogs. One of the men on my load got out and walked up to the puddles causing frogs to go everywhere. Much to the amusement of the children.. And their van driver 🙂 And saw my first armadillo.. So.. Scratch that one off of my bucket list..

9 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. the dominican republic is reith next door to haiti and you have relatives their who would love to have you visit 😉

  2. In case I haven’t said recently, I really do enjoy your posts. Now as to my bucket list, I’m thinking a nap, a nap and a nap might be nice. 🙂

  3. Top thing on my bucket list… Run something fast around the Nurburgring!
    Oh and I want to see that Shelby… Can’t remember which of your sisters has that thing…

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