Julia Margaret

Years ago God gave me three priceless incredible gifts.. Today I’m going to only talk about one of them.. ( Hang around and I’ll introduce you to the other two.. )


As I read back over my previous posts- I’m deciding that either this is a really sentimental year or I’m waxing more and more sentimental as adulthood progresses.. This round is no different..

Twenty-five years ago- Julia Margaret became my little sister.. I really don’t remember life with out her. Guess my memory has limitations.. Growing up with just 20 months between us- we were kinda double trouble.. Julia was always the more bashful sensible one- ready to report the naughtiness of her older sister, and grin as I got properly reprimanded.. Like the time that we were entertaining each other on a Sunday afternoon-and I decided that there was no way she could hear with that hair hanging over her ears- so I brushed up on my barber skills.. That one reported on itself.. Mother was NOT happy with the new look..

We had this Golden Rule book about a Saggy Baggy Elephant.. Father adapted it to “Maggy Baggy Elephanto” and Julia Margaret had been “Mag” ever since.. 🙂


I didn’t always appreciate the blessing of a constant companion.. I’m sure there were times when Mother thought if we came running in reporting on each other one more time-we were both going to be placed up for adoption.. But when the dust settled- We were still there,ready for the next round..

Julia has the most incredible way about her.. She’s tough as pig iron.. Like when we were building the house and Julia- at the tender age of 12 was a strapping 79 lbs, and she wowed the brick mason by carrying 75 lbs bags of concrete.. Her energy is non stop. I tend to be a sleepy head, but Julia is ready to go.. Her late night book reading created an issue until the purchase of a headlamp resolved the difference.. Another story- our family took a Christmas vacation to Virginia Beach upon occasion.. One year Julia decided that swimming in 52 degree water wasn’t really that cold.. So she dove in.. Brrr..

She’s an inventor.. From the outfits she’d create out of Mother’s scrap bag to her latest creations out of wood and metal.. And can sew like the wind.. I’ve been blessed by a number of surprise dresses, courtesy of Mag..

But cooking is out of her comfort zone at this point.. She was making mashed potatoes, and almost broke her finger by catching it in the mixer.. Father recommended that she spend more time out in the shop with her table saw away from the dangerous kitchen after that..


She knows how to be a friend.. She says she knows me better than I know myself.. That’s scary- but she is good.. And the best ,most generous business partner a person could wish for..  Our dairying adventure has been great. She’s worked with the hired men very closely and somehow is always managing to be in the midst of a war with them- like standing on a bucket with a mask before the morning milking ” to see if they get scared”.. Our Mexican has remembered how to lasso.. So its a team effort. She hides his shoes and then runs like the wind, dodging the lasso as she goes..


And now she’s in love.. I remember back when she and Sherman were just becoming friends- she dragged me along to watch fireworks on court square.. And I feel like its paid off.. He is a great guy and I’m excited to have him part of the gang..

So Congrats you two, the good Lord bless you abundantly.. I know you’ll take good care of her, Sherman- but if not-you’ll have one protective older sister to answer too.. 🙂 Mag, I’m so blessed that you’re in my life..

Love, Kendra

4 thoughts on “Julia Margaret

  1. Congratulations to Julia! We will look forward to the wedding! Congratulations to you all as you add a brother to your family.

  2. aww, what a sweet tribute to a good friend. I like the pictures–only Julia could manage to look cute while hugging a pig:)

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