Give a Smile

Our Hilarious dog, Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza is the best example of optimism that I know.. He is not blessed with a high IQ, yet that doesn’t stop him from being willing.. His favorite job is to help with heifers, whether the task is feeding, sorting, or transporting- He’s there providing the best help he can.  It doesn’t matter that he sometimes gets chewed out.. “Hard to understand humans.. Everybody knows that if you stand behind a cow and bark, she can’t see you.. Of course a cow moves better when she can see you..” And.. So maybe sometimes he does get a little eager chasing cows and does a dare devil trick and jump in and take a small nip out of the heifers leg.. And perhaps, caught up in the spirit, of helping- he may have misjudged and nipped one of the boss ladies.. “Hey everyone makes mistakes”.. Ol Detroit.. There he is, happy as can be- no matter what.. Running thru the yard, ears flopping, full of joy, big dog smile on his face.. I love to watch him. He reminds me to relax and smile..


There are people in my life that remind me that too.. There’s a lady in our church that just turned 90.. She is the giver of laughter. She randomly drove out to our place several Sundays ago, came wheeling in with a couple from church that can no longer drive.. Big sunglasses and a huge smile.. She is so full of joy, and love for other people. I’ve been blessed for years, by her stopping and chatting on the way out of church.. I’m inspired..

My Great Grandmother, Stella Good, wrote a poem that Deborah memorized as a little girl.. I like it:

Give a Smile
Give a smile it costs you nothing
And tis an easy thing to do;
It will make your own life richer
As well as those you give it to.
Give a smile to those discouraged,
It will brighten up their day.
‘Tis nature’s antidote for trouble,
And may drive the blues away.
A smile may be a panacea
For someone’s heartaches, pains, and ills;
It may be more beneficial
Than a doctor’s shots and pills.
None are rich enough and mighty
That they do not need a smile;
And we all have time to give them-
It takes such a little while.
There’s so much of cloud and shadows
In this world where we live,
But we can all create some sunshine
By the smiles that we give
DSCF4205  DSCF5301  DSCF8013
That last verse speaks to me. I don’t know about you, but it seems like there is no end to reasons for apprehension, dismalness, and discouragement.. But there’s so much positive too!! I’m so blessed!!! So I guess you might say that my end of summer resolution has to do with spreading as much sunshine as I can.. One meager smile at a time.. 🙂   Smiles -Kendra
Pictures: a.) Detroit and Rolo   b.) Julia with William and Keturah Herschberger   c.) The Horst gals  d.) Yours truly and Trenton Herd


2 thoughts on “Give a Smile

  1. Love it!!! Miss you guys! Thought we would have surely headed your way by this time! We are keeping busy with just the regular duties around home, and our weekends are flying past. Daniel hasn’t even had time to get his hands on his para-glider. Big surprise! It’s still waiting for him in Indiana, but he did have a friend pick it up from the guy he bought it from. Anyway, I enjoy your posts and seeing all the excitement that’s going on on the farm.:)

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