Saith the Sandwich

This time of year I eat a lot of sandwiches.. A lot.. Like for at least two meals a day.. I enjoy them. Bless those busy women who make up the food committee.. Food is always a welcome sight when you’re working.. I also have a lot of time to think these days.. Almost too much..

Last week one of the guys pulled out to the field with the typical “Hey Kendra, I’ve got lunch here”..  We were chopping for two different farmers that day, and as I bit into that amazing pork sandwich, I knew which wife was graciously feeding the harvest crew.. We laugh that you could put us in a dark room and feed us sandwiches from different farmers and we could identify them, no problem.. Each creator has their own flare..Which got my brain going..

image  image

image  image

A sandwich.. Two pieces of bread.. Some cheese.. A bit of meat.. Yet it can be so much more.. 🙂 I guess Subway has already capitalized on the originality of the sandwich..

But I think- each cook brings some of their own personality into a sandwich.. Lots of meat- generosity.. Lettuce- a sensible side.. Wheat bread- health conscience.. A splash of BBQ sauce or honey mustard- a little pizazz going on there..

And continuing down my rabbit trail of thought, I wonder how my life reflects my Creator.. I hope I’m full of joy, love, patience and all those other Fruit of the Spirit.. All “sandwiched” into one lil me.. Hmm.. Still a major work in progress..



Bonus pics:


Ok, so I’m rather monotonous right now with the harvest idea.. But it kinda consumes me these days.. I thought this pic could be named “Generation Gap”.. The farmer’s 6 year old daughter was riding with me, and she said ” Your tractor goes fast, but not NEAR as fast as our 4020!!!” Farm kids 🙂


Father made a new friend at Harry Lee’s.. He discovered his tame rooster is not the only one in the world, and went so far as to say ” Well, maybe I could get rid of Sqwack and get a rooster that’s nice..” Which may be the most beautiful words I’ve heard in awhile..


There’s nothing like a country sunrise..

4 thoughts on “Saith the Sandwich

  1. Ya’ know – I just said that the other morning and actually went and got the camera for a few shots. Then as I reviewed them I said, “They do not do justice to what I’ve just seen!” So I deleted them on the camera- but I can still see it in my mind. Isn’t that amazing! Love your posts and pics.

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