..To do good unto those..

I can not imagine being blessed with a special needs child. I think about it sometimes. I have a very active imagination, but still, I know I fall short understanding the challenges and the joys this would bring..

I’ve also been thinking a lot about outreach recently, and wondering why it seems like largely the encouraging things I do, end up being for someone in the Faith community.. Is that outreach?

Then my neat “Bible Verse a Day”app came up with Galatians 6:10 “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers..”

The last two Saturdays I’ve had a chance to watch this play out literally.. Last Saturday, I was in Blair County, PA, at the Dr. Morton Benefit Auction.. This Saturday, at the Auction in Lancaster.. Dr. Morton has given his life to helping special needs children who’s families don’t have health insurance.. Mainly Anabaptist people.. The Benefit Auctions pay for about a third of the expenses for this clinic. People from all over donate piles of things. The creativity of the donations is incredible.. Apple Butter, pillow cases, ponies, hay, toy tractors, quilts, dishes, shrubs. furniture, tools… And they come ready to buy.. Baked goods- pies, ice cream, cookies..

The Blair Sale was fun.. Spending time with friends.. Lunch was a pretzel made by a friend from Indiana County that I hadn’t seen in 3 years.. It was delicious 🙂image image image

Lancaster was awesome.. Good ol Lancaster County, always way bigger and better than everyone else.. I had a blast. For starters, Mother went along with me for the first time, and that was cool.. There were 1000s of people and for those of us who love to do “people studies” it was the perfect place.. 🙂 There were lots of familiar people- it was fun catching up.. There was so much organization- each person doing their job, and everything went seemingly so smoothly.. It just made me smile- watching the whoopie pie factory- last year they sold 5,400 of all different flavors, and were hoping for more this round; observing the Amish man shoveling lard at the French Fry stand with a garden shovel; listening to Dr. Morton’s speech and thinking what he represents to these hurting people looking for hope, help, and answers; trying to get around to as many different food booths as possible- my dad should’ve been helping with that :); and then to top it off- watching Mother and Aunt Sharon bid on things..:) What a wonderfully incredible day.. Even if it lasted from 2:30 – 11:30 and my van got stuck in the new driveway of my last passenger thanks to the lovely rain we received.. 🙂

image image

image image

I can only imagine what a day like this would feel like to the families who receive help from the clinic.. Such encouraging support.. With communities rallying around them.. For a little while, Everyone puts aside whatever differences they have, and works together for a wonderful cause.. It blesses me. The Christian Community is such a amazing thing.. And I can imagine how our Heavenly Father smiles on such activities..  May God make us each a blessing, Kendra

Bonus pics:


We were chopping up on a hill recently.. The Valley is so beautiful!!! I just wanted to stop mesmerized..  But the fear of the  frantic ringing of my cell phone with the chopper operator wondering “where on earth the next cart was”, and “why I wasn’t keeping up with the other guys”.. jerked me back to reality..:)


Sometimes I look at life and just have to laugh… Emily purchased a piece of property, and this is the car that came with it.. Yeah..

I am completely thrilled as I watch the hand of God move for me.. Praise Him!!! The latest way is also a piece of property.. And yes, this land has a car on it too..


So Em, wanna race? 🙂

4 thoughts on “..To do good unto those..

  1. Hey! So u were there too. A child from my church got lost there and her parents searched for a whole hr til they found her. We re thinking of heading down ur way in Oct!

  2. Lol you’re still drooling aren’t ya?;) I promise it’s as easy as your family crossing the border and coming for a visit.. Which in my opinion sounds like a win win situation 🙂

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