What makes a good campfire? This may very well be my favorite evening activity.. A relaxing way to enjoy some time.. Is it the weather? Recently we had the perfect fire.. It was a chilly night.. The moon was full, the sky clear.. The fire took off the edge..All was at peace in the world.. Last winter we built a fire during a snowstorm.. The huge wet flakes came down and sizzled on the fire- it was gorgeous.. Even on a warm day- a campfire is not out of place- yet just not as much of a neccessity.. What is the attraction with the fire? Julia gets on these kicks where she puts copper pipes with rubber inside in the fire and it turns the flames a mezmerizing blue and green.. And I will never forget the time there was a hidden can in a hollow log which exploded and the air smelled of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup.. But just a plain fire- no hidden surprises- is great.. I love how it is the perfect group activity.. Where people sit around and enjoy the out of doors.. And if the conversation dies- comfortable silence takes over as we watch the fire and just enjoying “being”.. Where the smoke occasionally stings your eyes, and the flames jump and twirl..What makes a good campfire? A little bit of wood.. Some flames.. a group of friends- as many or as few as you wish.. a bag of marshmallows and a guitar are never wrong.. And a whole lot of country..

image image image

photo credits: Emily

Bonus pic:

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What do you think? Are the leaves as pretty this year? I do love the fall colors whether or not they are as brilliant.. Mother found this poem and has been reading it to everyone who will listen.. Enjoy

No tears shall fall when summer takes her leaving- No deep regrets for roses and the dew-

My heart has room for no such thing as grieving- Though seasons change, clear skies are always blue..

And autumn days are filled with love and laughter- The countyside aflame with goldenrod.

I shall not mind that winter follows after- Each lovely season takes me nearer God!

                                                              -Laufa Lockwood

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