The Noises that Corn Makes -Sue Gerard

Do you listen to the noises that corn makes..

The crackling as seed spatters into planter boxes..

The clicking of planter plates dealing grains to

the moist warm earth..


The gentle whisper of newborn leaves waving

in their first breeze?

Have you heard the ripping leaves of plants

outqrowing weed thieves..

The carressing of thankful blades on cultivator fenders..

The oninous rustles as limp tassles search the cloudless

skies for moisture..

The happy melody of raindrops resuscitating a thirsty plant..

The silence?.. And do you smell the musty fragrance of

pollen drifting, down, down-

into silk tubes,

Piping life-stuff into each individual seed-to-be?


Do you hear dry, matured leaves chattering

in September..

Clacking yellow grains spilling into the sheller hopper..


Crushing grinder burrs releasing nourishment for

animals and man?

Listen! Hear! Seed is spattering into new planter boxes!

I listen. I hear. I like the noises of corn!!

Mother found this in The Furrow years ago, and I’ve thought of it often this week.. I’ve got my own personal list of sounds corn makes.. Like the sound of happy hungry people enjoying corn on the cob (probably hearing the butter drip is a stretch-lol) or the sound of our Latino friends wapping maiz into tortillas.. Or the sound of the chopping process-which we already visited in an earlier post.. The sound of a satisfied, thankful farmer  parking his equipment, after another bountiful year.. Ok, I’m starting to become redundant..

We are so thankful to have bean harvest behind us and be well on our way with corn.. It flurried a little this week, so if we hurry-let the snow fly 🙂

Blessings on your week- Kendra

Bonus Pic:




A week ago, our hired man took off an extra day to go with his pastor to NYC. The boyfriend kindly filled in for him. As a thank you, Christian and his wife Febe prepared a birthday feast for Sherman and whomever he wanted to invite.. Sure was glad I managed to be included in the guest list.. 🙂

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