Christmas Music

I love this time of year.. The world is transformed into a place full of laughter, joy, peace, love, with a tinge of suspence.. 🙂 I love the busyness of the season. All the special services, the extra gatherings, the opportunity to again stop and let the people in my life know what they mean to me..

I know its easy to get so overcome by everything- that we forget the actual Reason for the Season.. The priceless gift of Christ coming to earth as a baby.. Hard to fathom, really..

Probably my favorite memories from this season include Christmas music. I could go on and on about experiences with candle lit services on Christmas eve, caroling in the hospital when a van run had me spending Christmas day there, riding on the back of a truck-freezing-to sing to people in the community, spending an entire weekend in LA carolling until we knew the songs backwards and forwards.. “Are Orient from Kings Three We.. ” just kidding..

But I love the music.. I remember one of my teachers handed out a paper of cartoons that illustrated different songs from Christmas time.. Some religious, some not.. That was fun. And I guess thats kinda what gave me the idea for this.. Your turn for a quiz.. I’ve posted a number of random pics. There may be a clue or two after the pic.. And there is often more than one correct answer.. How well do you know Christmas songs? 🙂 If you feel fairly confident- you’re welcome to post your answer as a comment.. All the answers will show up there eventually.. Thanks for humoring me.. 🙂

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas.. May the Giver of Music and all good things- be near to you..

Merry Christmas, my friend,


1. DSC04057 (there’s three)

2. DSCF3312

3. DSCF8955 (last rose of summer)


5. image (Thought provoking question)

6. image (snow on Paradise Lane)

7. DSC03600 ,DSCN0065

Bonus Pics:

Julia, Sherman, and I went to Cabelas this week to spend our Cabelas points.. It was really really fun.. Guilt free shopping is the way to go.. 🙂 After spending the morning at the milk plant in Md painting, and philosophizing, Cousin Mervin joined us and we were hammer down. We thought we had plenty of room to haul home whatever..So we shopped happily.. Until..we started to load, Sherman realized that he had picked up some metal in his tire. So we loaded rapidlly, discovered that not all Wal-Marts have a tire center, drove to Advance Auto and bought a repair kit, and to WaWa and parked beside the air compressor and prepared to fix the problem.. Except the repair kit was worthless and the air compressor was frozen (it was 18 degrees with a miserable wind chill..) So AAA to the rescue- excluding the fact that he had virtually no tools other than a battery powered air compressor and “If this battery dies, we are done..” Ah.. To make a long miserable tale of a not so great experience, a little more glamorous, God provides! Eventually we were on the road again.. And while we were waiting, we happened to discover that we had been charged twice for the one knife set, so Jul and I braved the wind, returned to Cabelas, and got back a $100.. So we all lived happily ever after, all ecstatic with our new purchases..

image image

Mother and Father spent a week in Germany with John Deere. They had a good trip- meeting with the Forage Harvestor engineers, touring a research farm, eating at exotic places.. Probably the funniest story they returned home with was.. While the men met with the engineers, a guide was taking the ladies shopping. He was giving them a hard time about how much money they were allowed to spend, and the one lady quipped, “What are you, the shopping Nazi?!?” Her seatmate was very quick to mention that was possibly not the best terms to throw around in Germany.. 🙂

DSC04631 DSC04625 DSC09405

5 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. I’m glad to hear about your parent’s trip and your visit to the Cabelas.
    I don’t know all of your Christmas songs, but # 2 is “Frosty the snowman”. and # 3 is “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”. Mark is guessing # 1 to be “The Silver Star” and # 5 to be “Room for Thee?” The last one is “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks.” Is # 4 “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas? and # 7 “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”

  2. 1- I Saw Three Ships 2- Frosty the Snowman 3 – Lo How a Rose… 4 – Deck the Halls 5 – What Child is This 6 – Winter Wonderland, or Sleigh Ride 7 – Owl Have a Blue Christmas; Whooooo is He In Yonder Stall; While By My Sheep; The Friendly Beasts
    Looks like y’all made quite a haul at Cabelas; naturally I’m most interested in that chair…
    Merry Christmas to you too:)

    • Answer Key:
      1- I saw three ships come sailing in.. 2- Frosty the Snowman 3- Lo how a rose 4- Have a Holly Jolly Christmas But I like Rachel’s Deck the Halls better 🙂 5-What Child is this 6-Walking in a Winter Wonderland 7- Owl be home for Christmas.. Ewe can count on me.. Thanks for your ideas.. 🙂

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