To Resolve or Not to Resolve?

“So what’s your New Year’s resolution?” I thought that was a perfectly innocent group question as we sat chatting away the few remaining hours of 2013.. But apparently I have become a person of suspect, as someone quipped.. “So are you dragging for a blog?” I promise my motives were pure.. But it was on my mind..

Statics got my mind going.. “Studies show” that 8% of people keep their resolutions.. 92% of us fall by the wayside, sometimes before we even start.. Frustrating! And the best way to persevere is to have the whole world hold you accountable.. Tell everyone, they suggest.. Post it, tweet it, blog it-I guess- so that the fear of everyone knowing that you are in the 92% catagory will propel you out of bed for that early morning jog, or whatever..

Hmm.. I’m still thinking.. Then Mother pulled out an article from the Progressive Dairyman.. Yevet Tenney has a wealth of wisdom on a lot of subjects.. I was not disappointed.. She pointed out that New Year’s Resolutions often boil down to “I want.. I want to have.. I want to do..” Where basically the object can very easily become glorifying ourselves.. Self promotion..  And so I quote her “I can’t really sit down and write resolutions like I used to. I can set goals to ask for transformation, but only God can change my life. Change is a daily pursuit of questions and still-small-voice answers. God will not tell me in January what person will need my help in February. He will not tell in March what adversity I may have to pass through, but He will provide the strength and the courage to do whatever I need to endure. The catch is, I must build my ability to listen day by day, so I will know what He wants me to do when He asks..” You never know what all you will find in a dairy magazine.. 🙂

Personnally, I think resolutions are a good thing. And just like Christmas is the perfect time to catch up with old friends, there’s something about the beginning of the year that seems like the appropriate time to re-evaluate and commit to changing the things in my life I’m not overly fond of..

So.. Should I tell you what my resolutions are? Then you could all pledge to text me once a week as my accountabilty partners.. Hmm.. Too complex for that.. Maybe you can ask me in person.. And if I’m among that 8% of people, I’ll be happy to discuss it.. 🙂


Blessings on your week,


Bonus pics:

image image

Bologna making project, that turned out fantastic..


With the beginning of the year, came major changes at our dairy.. As I sat at a friend’s place, leisurely drinking coffee, gazing out at the 27 degree snowy out-of-doors, at milking time.. Can someone remind me why I questioned if change was a good thing? 🙂 Praise God for His leading.. and His perfect timing..

DSC_0459 DSC_0467

DSC_0478 DSC_0484

Julia’s bridal shower was this week.  Blessings to the ladies who worked so hard hosting a lovely evening.. 🙂 And to all who braved the snowy night to support Julia..

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