The Big Picture

I stopped at the top of the road and surveyed the scene before me.. The only sound I could hear was that of the traffic going down the mountian.. I imagined if all were silent, I could hear the clomping that only skates on ice make, an occasional shout and a the barking of a dog..


The scene is lovely.. Wintertime in the mountians.. White snow blankets everything, with a few gray mountian rocks showing up here and there.. The Evergreens add a splash of occasional green.. Far below me a lake is visible.. Snow and ice covered.. Creating a beautiful peaceful scene..

I love it. And I smile.. Because I know that even though all looks calm and still, far below me is a bustle of activity.. Energetic people are gliding and sliding, whirling and twirling, across the frozen surface.. Multiple vehicles are easing their way down the mountianside, eager to join in the sport.. Somebody is struggling to pull on a pair of skates.. A very friendly dog is running back and forth, making new friends.. A hockey game is in process.. A campstove is rolling and a few non-skaters are busy feeding the fire.. Thermos after thermos of hot chocolate are cooling off rapidly.. 🙂 Two little guys are learning to skate by pushing a bucket on the ice.. Everyone is enjoying a bonus from the cold weather- Skating on Switzer Dam.. In spite of the brisk wind- Praising our wonderful Creator..

DSC_0147 DSC_0121

But none of these details are visible as I survey the big picture..

It good to take time to notice the details in the world around us.. Sometimes I need to be reminded to stop and pay attention to the details of what I’m in the middle of.. The upcoming wedding is the obsession around here these days.. It controls the majority of the conversation, most of the brain power, and a large portion of the free time.. And those of you who have encountered such an event, just smile.. I’ll confess- I had no clue- all the little details.. Trips to town to pick up important things, like purple napkins, and punch glasses.. Trial runs on different recipes.. One of my sensible friends was listening to my commentary and said ” Y’all are making so many memories..” That made me stop.. It’s so easy to be focusing on the main event, that I forget to enjoy the little details.. The special time-this is..

There’s also the other side of the ditch where details become so much a priority, that I forget the big picture.. But I’ll save that for another blog sometime..

So to Emily, who twisted my arm to venture outside whenever I thought Sunday afternoon was a good time for a nap.. “I hate admitting you were right.. But.. You were right.. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the mountians.. Thank you..”

And to Julia, “Thanks for including me in the prep for your special day.. Even though I act like this is a pile of unnessary work- this really is a special time.. And I wouldn’t miss it for any thing.. I’m so glad to help..” But I’m still wondering if eloping is good option.. 😉

And to Deborah, Please hurry home from Bible School.. I’ve missed you!

Bonus Pic:


Took some time to enjoy the day at the neighbors.. Snow fun..:)

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