Memory’s Treasure Chest

Obviously the best time to go through old treasures, is when you’re moving.. So this week found Julia sorting.. Things she forgotten she had.. Apparently when Julia was 11, She got into a poetic feud with Grandmother Rhodes over who’s dog was the best. I wish you could have met Dusty Sedrick Weehunt.. She was our best friend for 15 years.. A little brown mutt that had a great personality. She was a ferocious hunter and was known to kill  skunks, squirrels and groundhogs with lightning speed.. Whenever the animal would prove too much, she’d drag them down to the creek and drown them. This worked splendidly until she attempted to drown a snapping turtle.. Frustration!! In later years, she slowed down remarkably, yet she still had those huge brown eyes that could look right through you and speak volumes.. She passed away on a June Sunday, almost 3 years ago.. Deborah still cries when she thinks about her.


Grandmother and Pappy had a Cocker Spaniel that Grandmother loved.. Somehow Satin never really won over the rest of us.. I’m really not sure what got this controversy started.. But I can just envision my Grandmother mulling away over these spitfire poems over a curly haired dog vs an amazing farm dog.. When in reality- the dogs made little difference.. It was the relationship with her brown eyed granddaughter that mattered..That knowledge and the flood of memories make me smile..

A Dog’s Lament -Margaret G. Rhodes

We enjoyed your letter so very much,Each line had a special “Julia” touch.

We will answer it in poetic form,Even though it won’t come up to norm.

The duel you wrote of, made my hair rise-But dearie, you’re in for a big surprise!

That skunk had rabies, we all think so,Or he would’t have walked so poky and slow.

A dog with brains, we thought Dusy had,Would have known that a rabied skunk is bad.

Any dog could shake a skunk that is sick,There are few who haven’t learned that trick..

Dusty should have ran with all her might-If she would have done what is wise and bright.

Too bad your canine had never been told,Or she wouldn’t have acted so smart and bold.

You think that Dusty is so very “tough”-To us she is nothing but a great big bluff.

If you want a dog that is faithful and true,Get a Cocker Spaniel that will stick by you.


Dusty’s Pups -Julia Margaret Horst

‘Twas March, the eleventh day,When there nestled in th hay,

Six cute little puppies were born to Dusty, We hope they’ll be like her, reliable and trusty.

Dusty’s pups are a beautiful sight-Four of them are black and white

The other two that are nestled down,Are a soft, beautiful brown.

Dusty’s pups are very cute,Most of them have white on their snoot

So if you like we’ll gladly give-A puppy to come to your house to live

To Satin you could say “good-bye” And then you could try

To get rid of that lazy dog,And get one that is frisky as a frog

But if you don’t wish to comply-I’m sure you’ll be sorry, by and by.

Dusty is not purebred. But she is better than all, it has been said.


Thank You, but No Thanks -Margaret G. Rhodes

To offer us a pup of yours T’was sweetness from you heart-

But your kindness is rejected, We knew it from the start.

You can’t replace our Satin, dear, With a pup that’s not pure bred.

Don’t ever think we’ll go for yours-And get ideas’s in your head.

A half bear pup would be so mean, I’m sure as sure can be

He’d have all the little children-Climbing up a tree.

Your pups are not of pedigree, Mongrels are poor stuff

They’d have one running all around- We’d think them very rough.

A dog like Satin, we will keep,To guard us and to play.

To have around for company, too. We like her more each day.

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