Reflections of the Maid of Honor…

Once upon a time there lived a farmer, his wife and oldest daughter on a dairy farm along the mountain.. They lived happily working hard and milking cows, until one exciting day- a princess was born to the famiy.. The oldest daughter was not very old and not overly talkative (if that is even possible-lol) but the story goes that as soon as she saw the new arrival she said “eye, nose, mouth-I wanna hold it!!” She was so fascinating.. Shortly thereafter- Mrs Farmer heard screams coming from the baby’s room.. Apparently the daughter was peering over the bassinet at the princess, and toppled everything over on to herself and floor.. Baby, crib, and everything.. So thus began the journey.. Two girls- 20 months apart.. If we were both like me, we would’ve been double trouble.. I have the tendency to be impulsive, and a bit unrealistic as I get caught up in my latest big idea.. Julia is the opposite- a bit reserved until she gets to know you, sensible- the voice of reason that I need upon occasion, with a splendid sense of humor..


So we spent hours roaming our farm- building wigwams in the back yard, turning our play house into a museum to display all the artifacts we found while digging a hole to China in our garden.. (I remember we used to dig so deep- that I was sure we were going to hit that middle layer of the Earths Center)


Two more girls made the family complete.. The “big girls” and the “little girls”.. Life was not always smooth sailing.. I remember one time our parents finally told Julia and I that if we couldn’t figure out how to get along- they were going to send one of us to live with our grandparents.. Since I was convinced that I was not the problem- I was sure Julia would be packing her bags shortly.. Fortunately- we listened and with time- saw the amazing blessing that a sister really is.. 🙂

So we did basically everything together.. Time with friends- it was always “our friends”.. Milking cows.. Cleaning house- we usually were a pretty good team.. One problem we faced was that Julia loved to read way into the night.. And the sleepy head in me was of the opinion that night hours are for sleeping.. A birthday gift of a head lamp solved that issue..


Julia is a homebody- I love to travel.. So inevitably I’d be dragging her off, and we’d have a blast until- BAM- it was time for her to head home.. I have some great memories of volunteer projects after Hurricane Katrina, traveling all over the US to marry off our friends, traveling “just because”..

The last number of years, we learned how to work together in a partnership, and although that was a learning curve- it was a really good experience.. Swapping tales with the vet, working heifers-and being glad whenever Detroit(the willing/not so intelligent canine) showed up to help, because then we had someone to holler at whenever things didn’t go as planned, and we didn’t have to beg forgiveness from each other.. 🙂


And then almost 2 years ago, a Prince roared in the lane in his fancy King Ranch Ford.. And thus brought a whole new round of adjustments.. Some easier than others, but its been a good experience.. Sherman is a good guy..


And so tonight, my dear little sister, as Father walks you down the aisle, and your expressive brown eyes are sparkling as you join heart and hand with the  one you love.. I’m afraid I’m going to cry.. Not tears of sorrow or regret.. I really wouldn’t change a thing.. We had the best sister relationship/friendship that we could, and even though it will never be quite the same-I’m confident that we will continue to be- what always was .. In a crazy way it’ll be tears of joy and thanksgiving.. Praise to the Almighty who works all things for our good.. Who thought up this relationship before time began.. And who smiles upon it.. I trust Sherman, and I know that he will take much MUCH better care of you, than a protective older sister ever could..

Sherman, Julia.. what can I say? Go with God.. I love you, Kendra

Bonus Pics:


Love never fails.. Where but where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled, knowledge, pass away.. But Love will continue- thru a huge snowstorm that drifts and cause piles of complications.. Love never fails..


A gift that truly warms the heart.. 🙂 Meet my latest heart throb- Tanner..

5 thoughts on “Reflections of the Maid of Honor…

  1. Awww….well-written. And you are a good big sister. I could tell you had poured yourself into helping out with today. It was lovely. Love u!!

  2. Aww Ken, I’m thinking about you so much today! Your speech last nite was so sweet.. made me cry… But I’m thinking that you will find your friendship wont change THAT much. 🙂 my sisters and I are still best friends:) Have a blest day!

  3. You did not lose a sister, you gained a brother and it looks like he enjoys doing things with you all.
    I can not understand how Julia can stay up and read and get up so early as she does. Wow!
    The comment about hollering at the dog while working heifers to avoid having to ask forgiveness, made me laugh. Only one who helps in the barn can understand.
    We really enjoyed the wedding!

  4. As someone without any sisters at all I’ve so enjoyed watching (from afar) as you girls grow up together and find your ways in the world. Thank you for sharing your reflections here. Lovely!

  5. Having done this many times, I promise these weddings don’t get any easier. Such a beautiful wedding; probably the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. Only problem was I felt like I was reliving all those weddings and just wanted to cry myself. Strange tears; the death of one life and the beginning of the next….hard to understand until you’ve been there. Many thanks to your family for having us!

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