And Yet, I Cry..

To the little boy who’s funeral I took passengers to on Monday:

Precious Little One,

As I sat in my van watching all the buggies and vanloads and a bus roll in, I was impressed.. For 2 short months, you were a gift to this earth. That’s not very long.. You didn’t manage to do anything spectacular .. In fact you hardly were able to do anything.. Sleep, cry.. Open your eyes and observe the people around you.. Yet somehow your life brought people from Illinois, New York, Virginia, and all over PA to remember you..


As I watched the group at the grave.. I cried.. It’s really not fair.. You missed out on so much.. When we were at your home, a big black lab stood beside the barn, head cocked slightly wondering what the huge crowd was about-you will never experience the joy of owning your own dog-teaching him to fetch, romping with him in the yard-at least not in this life.. You will never enjoy the delicious feeling of a good swim on a hot summer day, or an invigorating snowball fight.. You will never know how amazing a cup of coffee and a home cooked meal can be after coming in from chores.. You will never play ball with your peers, or square dance like the people in your area are known for..

Yet my tears puzzle me.. You will never ever be tempted.. No disappointments, No pain.. You’ve made it.. Safe in the arms of Jesus.. Forever.. No big decisions.. No misunderstandings.. You’ve already accomplished what I hope I will some day.. Safe at Home..

Maybe part of the reason for tears is because of the unfairness of life.. As I watched the crowd, I thought of how many thousands of children had their lives taken from them before they have a chance.. And the only thing left is a feeling of relief from the ones who were supposed to love them.. This battle goes on alone.. Your family is left with such a support.. What a blessing.. You, nor they, have any choice.. You didn’t pick your family. You-like me-did nothing to deserve a loving family.. It just happened.. And to so many – that’s foreign.. It’s not fair..

And so, Little One – who’s name I never did catch.. I cry..  Not for you and your comrades who have safely reached Heaven.. But for us still here making our way on this earth.. Life is hard.. It teaches hard lessons.. And some glorious day, I hope I can become acquainted with you, as we surround the Throne, Praising our Loving Heavenly Father..

But until then.. Rest In Peace, Little One,


Bonus Pics: (Credit To Emily and Deborah)

image image


With the brief reprieve of Winter, Emily spent the day fishing.. But since she fished all day and caught only one fish.. Her friend, Kerry fired up the grill.. Delicious, Mr W.. 😉


Sunset at Dry River..





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