If at First You Don’t Succeed…

If at first you don’t succeed.. Wait until the next Rhodes wedding..:) What you ask? Well, let me start at the beginning.. My dear Mom has a green thumb and as Julia started hearing wedding bells, Mother had the brainchild that it works splendidly to force Amaryllis bulbs whenever you need some cheer in the wintertime, why wouldn’t it work to do the same with Calla lilies? So after some research on trusty Google search (guaranteed to be accurate..)  The bulbs were carefully planted 10 weeks before February 14.. Woodland Plants graciously agreed to keep these precious plants and we were well on our way to an original idea.. Homegrown Lilies in February..


Well, it soon became apparent that we were not going to make the deadline, as they had beautiful foliage, but no blooms.. So the day came and went with plenty of flowers from Kroger, and Julia and Sherman lived happily ever after..  I actually forgot about the project for the most part.. Bless the faithful greenhouse crew who kept watering..  The owner called the first of March and said ” Y’all are welcome to come get these whenever, I’m ready to give up on them blooming..” It so happened that Mother was out of town at the time, and by the time she returned and went to collect the failed project, blooms were shooting up all over.. Here we are 4 months after the planting, with beautiful lilies in time for Katie’s wedding.. It’s really easy. Just plant the bulbs and they grow.. And bloom somewhere between 10 weeks and 4 months.. So I’m not sure what to suggest if you need the flowers by a certain time.. And to the customers who have inquired if the flowers are for sale, they have served their purpose- to be at a wedding, and are officially on the market..:)


Blessings to Katie and Clint.. I considered blogging all my memories of you.. Katie as my cousin and friend.. Clint as a neighbor and schoolmate and all our experiences riding to school together.. But I’ll spare the rest of y’all the sentimental journey and deliver my message in person..:)


I was stuck again with the blessing of family this week.. During the excitement of the wedding, and then as I connected with Father’s family in MD and cousin Rhonda and her family from Kenya.. Marj and I went out to check on the children playing in the haymow of their barn, and I got the big idea to help them experience the fun of a hay tunnel.. They ended up getting hay everywhere and I felt a little bad for leading them astray.. Lol.. Babysitting is something I’m rather dangerous at.. 😉 So good to see everyone again.. Bless Rhonda and her family, as they carry the Gospel oversees..

image image


And one last pic.. Mother and I were driving by the local John Deere dealership and thought this tractor smiling in front of the rainbow and Massanutten Peake was photo worthy.. It’s such a lovely time of year..


And that all for now.. I’m going to be out of the country until Easter.. Say a prayer for me and I’ll be glad to tell you all about it, after I return.. May God bless you abundantly as You are faithful where He’s called you.. Have a fantastic day.. -Kendra


One thought on “If at First You Don’t Succeed…

  1. We enjoyed having you all here. Thank the Lord for keeping those children safe! Jay Jay thought the jug of acid was juice because it was red. Thankfully Vanessa told him it would burn him.

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