How do you sum up 10 days packed full of activity and adventure into one hopefully not too lengthy blog post?

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Through an incredible amount of open doors, I joined a team heading for Honduras. Upon arrival they announced that the temp at San Pedro Sula was 95 degrees..  “Perfect” I thought.. But I wasn’t too sad when a cold front followed us and it was a balmy 80..


To the dear people who joined in this experience I was honored to have met you.. Thanks for blessing me!!

Having spent time in Guatemala, I was excited to see how the countries compared. It was definitely not the same I soon realized. Honduras has a lot more traffic safety rules: There was one guy standing in the aisle of our one public transport experience, and the police stopped us.. So the driver went back and negotiated (usually this means gave the police “pop money”) and we went on our way-collecting more passengers for the aisle as we went..


Our Base was at Camp LoveJoy. I was so blessed by getting to know the missionaries there. They have a bookstore that started after several young men had a vision to backpack Bibles into remote areas. So they’d leave and they wouldn’t hear from them a month at a time..

“Made in the image of God” kept running through my head.. We spent a morning at a children’s home and as we had fun connecting with those precious young lives, it was easy to look into their faces and think of the Creator.. But the crippled boy out making his way in the side of the street, and the drunk man who was leaning over the side of the pickup bedding trying to get our attention.. Or the little toothless lady with a paper that was supposedly “official” that she had 9 children and no husband asking for a hand out.. I found myself wanting to recoil from.. Ah to be truly compassionate..

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The Lady of the place where we stayed had this quote on her fridge.. I loved it.. “We love people whether they turn out or not, and the successes do not vindicate our ministry, nor do the disappointments nullify it. What is important is whether we have loved in a real way-not preached in an impassioned way from the Pulpit.” – Pullinger


I think is the heart cry of this Easter season.. Love no matter what. It’s hard to imagine the feeling of Christ as He went through all He did over this time.. For Me.. For you.. For all of mankind.. And He went regardless of how His sacrifice was to be received.. It’s so easy to qualify who is worthy.. Whether the response merits our love.. May I be faithful in portraying that kind of love and sacrifice to a thirsty world who needs it so.. Blessings, Kendra

Bonus pics and Highlights from my travels:

*Busing from the Base to Guimaca by public transportation (At one point when there were people all around me and the sun was shining and the AC non existent and then the guy beside me shut the window, I thought I was going to die or melt or heat stroke.. My life flashed before my eyes several times that trip- like when we were going up a mountain and pulled out to pass a truck – into the oncoming path of 2 semi’s.. Or when we were in a little beater of a taxi and we had a bus grill practically coming in my window and the front of a truck coming in Lucy’s.. Taxi Sandwich, anyone?) It was so much fun to visit that area and connect with some of the people there.. And the flowering trees.. Wow..

IMG_0916 IMG_0890

*Pulpanzak Falls: a 140 foot falls that we visited.. It was amazing and for a little bit of nothing- we paid to go behind the falls.. I thought we’d maybe get a little wet.. I envisioned us walking through a dirt path behind the downpour.. Wrong.. We got drenched swimming through water waist deep.. Jumping off of rocks into pools collecting at the base of different falls.. Keeping our faces down- so we could breathe.. Creating a human chain with our guide helping us up slippery rocky surfaces.. It was unbelievable.. And then the opportunity to stand in a little nook, peering out into the face of the descending waters.. Unbelievable.. 🙂

image IMG_1029

*Travelling 4 hours one way into the mountians to visit the mission clinic (on the back of a pickup, over dust roads..) And being amazed at the poverty and how little the world would be to the locals.. And getting SOO sunburnt because the air is thin and the UV factor high..

IMG_1100 IMG_1144

*Delicious food.. Meal after meal after meal


*Target Prayer.. This blessed me.. To pray specifically for something and allowing God’s spirit to move in a mighty way..

*And the pottery.. We stopped at a pottery shop and had so much fun shopping.. You may know that my dad has a pet rooster that torments the rest of the family and I am afraid of poultry.. Well as we were leaving the shop, the owner-in spirit of generosity- followed us out and gave Rebecca a beautiful vase, Lucy and Bev-each a cute little Winnie the Pooh figurine.. And you guessed it- I got a rooster.. Story of my life.. 🙂IMG_1192


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  1. This was great, Kendra! I always love to hear other people’s perspectives of our country! You all were a joy to have around. 🙂

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