Lesson from Mount Saint Helens

“Often , what appears to be the end, becomes the beginning of something new…” The postcard at Mt Saint Helens jumped out at me.. Mt Saint Helens erupted 1980, devastating the surrounding area, ending the lives of 150+ people, sending homes and jobs into oblivion,  sending a column of smoke and ash 10 miles into the air, complicating things for people around the world.  Devastating.

And yet, immediately, life sprung forth again, flowers poked their heads through the ash, people moved back into the area to recover, restore, and rebuild.. And years later, all is a lush green, and beautiful. Hope.


So I picked up a card, and wondered who I’d send it too. That quote applies to so much in life. Little did I know..

Yesterday afternoon, in our beautiful Shenandoah Valley, a friend,  former student, fellow ball player, harvest enthusiastic   was called home.  So we feel far away. Our heart breaks, but we know God has a plan..

And yet in the midst of the pain and sorrow, there is the a tinge of excitement.. This is the time of something new.. Renewed awareness of the Goodness of our loving Heavenly Father, appreciation for the support of family at home as we attempt to decide what this means for our trip.. A time to look at ourselves and our lives and goals and dreams and ambitions, and take inventory..

Thank you,Loren, for this reminder. Life is so short.. Your friendly smile will be a memory I carry with me, always..

Oh, God, please comfort the grieving..



DSC_0858 DSC_0868

Crater Lake

DSC_0828 DSC_0840

Most unlikely activity for a July birthday celebration

DSC_0883 DSC_0897

Oregon Coast- 60 degrees and so windy..


A trip into Oregon wouldn’t be complete without stopping at one of their amazing drive through Expresso Shops and experiencing..


Multnomah Falls

DSC_0964 DSC_0935

Lake Hayden, ID

On a very shallow note- passed a milk truck in Washington and read on the back of his tanker “Haveamugofmilkameal” try saying that out loud 5 times.. J

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