Prairie Ponderings

What is life?

It is the flash of a firefly in the night

It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime

It is a little shadow which runs across the grass

And loses itself in the sunset.

-Crowfoot, Blackfoot Warrior


Hello from South Dakota! This morn has opportunity to find part of our gang as ladies of leisure, as the other half of the crew fill up our meager remaining space with whatever goodies Cabelas can entice us with.. 🙂 (Personally I’m hoping to spend a little time in both camps..:) )

Yesterday was another fun day. All along Juanita has had a big idea on her wish list.. ‘I wish that we could just randomly run into someone we know..” Yesterday, we stopped at the only convenience store in about a 100 mile radius of Dayton,Wyoming. I was preparing to check out when one of our group came over and said “Umm there’s someone outside that wants to talk to you.” I wasn’t sure what what to take from her news, so I finished up wandering through the aisle of “nothing looks good” snacks (Yes, we’ve been on the road too long) and made my purchases. Then I took a deep breath and headed outside to see what was up.

And there, parked beside Coppertone, was a Virginia vehicle, with a couple and their son who had the most beautiful accents.. And would you believe-she worked with my sister, Deborah at the local Vet clinic? And he is part of the family that owns the concrete business that we use- whenever the need arises to make concrete plans..

They followed us for about an hour after that, and I had to laugh at myself, for how many times I looked in the mirror and smiled, knowing that we were traveling with some “home folks”..

Juan said that since they use the rival vet clinic, and she didn’t know these people, it doesn’t count as her wish. Sure does for me..:)

And to add another brightener to my cheery day, my phone rang last night with a really crazy number… My dear lil sister, Deb called from Nicaragua.. I hadn’t talked to her in almost a month.. It was wonderful to hear that she’s doing great.. I’m so excited to see you again the first of Aug.. I miss you, Deb!


The trail yesterday led us beside green pastures- past sheepherders and their horses and two intelligent collie dogs.. We stopped and listened to them “Yippie-ie-“ing to their animals as they moved them along. It was impressive.


We took the scenic route and checked out the progress of Crazy Horse- from the road.


Mount Rushmore also charmed us. It’s hard to imagine the mental process that would accompany the idea of taking a sheer granite mountain and carving faces into it..

DSC_0097 DSC_0089

I’d never actually been to Badlands National Park before. I drove through the area on different occasions, but never visited the park. I was impressed on the way in- the wheat fields that went right to the edge and then dropped off into barren wasteland. The Badlands are incredible! And my van thermometer read 120 degrees.. I’m pretty sure it was only 100, and got confused by a stop, but I was impressed that it went that high..

And so- that’s enough from me, this morn.. Hope all is well with you and yours.

See ya down the trail, Lord willing.

Blessings on your week, Kendra




We are back into wheat harvest area again.. I’m excited! I’ve been keeping tally of how many machines we’ve seen in the field.. And while that number isn’t as impressive as I thought it was gonna be..stay tuned- I’ll divulge the info eventually.. Until then- I’m sure you’ll wait with bated breath.. ha ha 🙂

And we saw multiple grouse families yesterday.. And our travel weary brains ask the question.. What is multiple grouse? Grice? Such deep things to ponder on a Monday morn..



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