Paws, and Enjoy Life

Hey! It’s me, Head of Ranch Security, again.. It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me, I realize.. But I’ve been so crazy busy this summer.. Let me tell you about it:

So obviously you’ve picked up on the fact, by now that Kendra and Deborah rushed off for about  a month.. Leaving Emily at home as the lonely only. She thought with her schooling and the field work, that she was about snowed under- but she forgot about me..

Day in and Day out, I’ve fearlessly kept an eye on the property.. AND I’ve had to work alone too! Around the end of June, Rolo went into hiding. I knew where she was all along, but I can keep a secret.. Julia and Emily were about desperate trying to find my brown eared assistant. It didn’t help matters that Deb kept calling and texting every few hours to see how Rolo was.. The pressure was on.. So they looked everywhere- drove the four-wheeler over the entire farm, prayed frantically, called, begged, pleaded.. It broke my heart- but it wasn’t mine to tell. What did about push me over the edge was when they tried to con me into leading them to where she was.. And they said all kinds of stupid things like “So much for all the stories where the dog is the hero and leads you to the lost child..” HEY! I am the hero! Rolo needed space!


Eventually they found her, and her new family.. Black, Brown, and Yellow.. 3 females, and 5 males.. They are rather cute, but I must confess, a much lesser dog couldn’t handle all the attention those puppies are getting.. Sometimes it almost gets to me.. But then I have to realize they are leaving soon.. At least I hope..

But you know, Life has lessons for us, and I think it’s important we pay attention to them… Becoming “Uncle Detroit” has taught me a lot…

*no one is indispensable.. I thought this place couldn’t operate without Rolo’s help- but what do you know- peace has been maintained while she’s on maternity leave.. With no small thanks to yours truly

*there are things that are more important than work. I hope my family remembers this one- it’s good to be busy, but always take time out to connect with a much lesser, more inferior, younger canine.. (Or I can always use a good game of tug-of-war) Take time to live.


*not everyone is out to get you.. Our relationship with Kalila has been shaky at best.. But she loves to sit over top of the pen and just watch.. Like a pointy eared guardian angel.. And I’m becoming rather fond of her.. Our relationship has taken some time.. But it’s good to trust..


* be loyal.. I hope they remember this one too.. Have new dogs, but keep the old.. One is silver and the other gold.. But really just keep the old dogs- enough is enough

Life is learning. Maybe eventually, I’ll get to where I feel less awkward around these little roly poly balls of fur.. (You ever watch someone that hasn’t held a baby  in awhile, try to hold it in a way, that it won’t break? That’s the stage I’m in.. Not cool) But really- even if these aren’t related to me- (purebred is over-rated) I can say that they are trained by the best in their short little life.. So if you need a good dog-I know where you can find a pure bred lab or two.. or eight..


Ok, sales pitch, life lessons over with.. It’s back to work for me..

Yours truly,

Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza

Bonus pic:


Deb had a birthday in Nicaragua.. So we took a pic as an e-card.. The bro-in-law quipped “If we just photo-shop Deborah in, we can use this as our Christmas pic..”  Happy Birthday Christmas everyone!! 🙂


Excited about our cover girl 😉

DSC_0224_01 DSC_0228_01

Years ago, it was traditional for my dad’s Maryland family to brave the highway and spend a day in the Shenandoah Valley.. Thanks to those of you who were able to take time out to venture our way once again! ❤


The resident deer, Valiant, has been helping out with corn harvest.. After watching her strip ear after ear, Father said “How many does she NEED?!” We are learning not to ask Detroit, but we are suspicious she has a fawn near here..

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