Joy in the Journey

“Hey, I’ve got a big idea..” This is a phrase I use a lot. Apparently too often, because whenever I say it, my family always has the same reaction.. They sigh, roll their eyes, and same something to the effect of “Oh, dear..”

This is probably because they have been roped into helping me carry out a lot of them.. They are the ones who are the kitchen committee when a big idea has been implemented, and Kendra the over estimator is caught on the road or in the field, leaving her family to do the work… I think I’m learning to be a little more realistic.. But it used to be really bad.. Like one time-years ago- when my parents were in Florida on an anniversary trip, and Kendra decided to invite some friends in after church, and Emily was sweetly helping by making toffee and somehow the handle on the pan became loose and poured the hot substance over her hand.. Man I hated that..

And the stories could go on and on.. Of times that my family has had to bailed me out because I love having something for my brain to be working on.. So I have a number of projects I think about from time to time. I’m excited about them. Some of them are very simple.. A Christmas project.. Or a card that I’d like to send as a way of encouragement.. Or someone I’d like to visit..  Some of my projects are dreams that I don’t know if they will ever be reality.. Some of them are expensive and time consuming and somewhat unrealistic.. But it doesn’t hurt to dream, I suppose, and so I wait to see what doors God opens..

I like to talk about what’s on my mind.. Those of you who are close to me, realize that I’m a bit of a rambler.. Thanks for listening to me..  🙂  This past week, Mother and I were in route somewhere, and I was going on about how excited I was about one of my ideas, and how much fun it is to dream, when Mother spoke wisdom into my life.. “You know, the joy is in the journey..” So I’ve thought about that a lot.. It’s so easy to become so focused on whats around the corner, and to spend a lot of time, waiting.. IF I get that job, or IF this works out, or WHEN, or IF ONLY.. But living in neutral, waiting for that moment, is a sure way to lose a lot of time. The joy is in the journey..

Soaking up the sun and the rain or whatever your day brings and just living life to the fullest, realizing that I am where I’m supposed to be and praising God that He’s in control.. I don’t want to waste time waiting.. Today is the day of opportunity I guess I’m saying “joy is in contentment”, but maybe I’d better save the contentment spill for another post some day..

Where ever your journey has you, this week, may you find joy in that.. 🙂

Blessings, Kendra

Bonus pic:

It’s not hard to find joy when your journey takes you to spending quality time with friends..

Photo credit: Rachel Ranck

image image DSC_0331 DSC_0350

I’m so thankful to get to spend a little R&R first with some girlfriends, then with the Horst gang- before I head out on another marathon .. Are you up for another trip West? That’s right, I leave again this week, once I return from vacation with my family.. The next trip is going to be a little different,  but hopefully I’ll get an occasional chance to post along the trail..  

image DSC_0307

Another serious joy right now, is Deb’s little friends.. They are TOO cute.. They really are gonna be looking for new homes the end of Aug.. Purebred registered labs-if you’re interested..


Julia and a friend did a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower recently.. Who would’ve ever thought I’d find a beaver cupcake to be so charming.. Lol


Beach Rules:

  • Come out of your Shell
  • Avoid Pier Pressure
  • Be Shore of Yourself
  • Don’t get Tide down’
  • Go ahead and Make Waves


2 thoughts on “Joy in the Journey

  1. You are fun to be with. 🙂 Love you and praying for your safety on this next trip. P.S. It looks like I took the cute puppy pic with how the words “photo credits” are there below it. Too bad I didn’t take that cute pic. 🙂

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