On the Road Again

This morn, I opened a care package from my mom and sisters, and in it was a bunch of notes.. The one was from my dear Mother who wrote “Look for a special quote, gift of nature, exotic cloud, or special danger that God delivers you in, each day- Jot it down and review it at the journey’s in- you’ll be surprised with what you find!”  So with these thought in mind, I continued the journey southwest..

As we headed out and a semi pulling a van trailer passed me and I looked for Mother’s  food for thought.. “There’s more to life than driving” written boldly on the back doors..  Hmm..  That is so true.. But driving seems to sum up my summer.. 🙂

(*quick review, yesterday, I headed out with a family- 3 generations including a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 8 mo old- for a quick trip west.. And we put in a remarkable 1001 miles on day 1..)

The family I’m with has a theme quote for this trip, I like it.. “The journey is not about the places you visit… But the memories you make along the way..” Maybe that should be my quote for the day.. That’s better.. 🙂

We travelled through Arkansas and took a road beside the Mississippi and were completely impressed with the farming.. If the entire trip is as ag minded as the first two days- It’s gonna be impressive.. 🙂 I’m learning a lot!

Rice fields- I had no clue how long a rice head was.


I even am being a good sport about a variety of equipment… (I’m with a group of Agco/ Fendt people, but that doesn’t mean I’m compromising my Green Loyalties- just humoring the moment)

DSC_0453  DSC_0454

One of the highlights from today was a stop at Milky Way Farms in eastern Texas to see Perry and Emily Hostetler as well as son Adam and wife Megan.. I remember playing at their house when I was about 4 and Father was working with Perry… anyhow they have quite the operation and I was thrilled to visit and catch up with them a little..

 DSC_0442  DSC_0447

And we ate the best steakhouse mid afternoon.. Salt Grass Steakhouse.. Highly HIGHLY recommended.. “The Orignal Texas Steakhouse”..


That’s enough from me for now.. Hope all is well with you.. Keep your eyes open for a quote that may get your brain rolling today.. Lol 🙂

Again with “See you down the trail”.. Good night, Kendra


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