Ramblings on Roadrunners, Rio Grande..

I’m thoroughly enjoying travelling with some little people.. We pulled into a zoo in El Paso, TX and the 5 yr old jumped out of the van and exclaimed “Look a Roadrunner!!” There are several things on the “trip bucket list”.. One being an armadillo, another- a Roadrunner.. So I looked up, expecting to see the long-legged  bird, with a pronounced tail.. Instead, leisurely ambling under a vehicle was an all-American, exquisite pigeon.. But from the perspective of a 5 yr old.. 🙂

The zoo was nice, the animals were really presented well, and it was a fun way to burn some energy collected after travelling for hours..


Later we did see a Roadrunner, and his 3 yr old sister exclaimed “I’ve seen a Roadgrader..” Kids 🙂

The kid in me has seen a number of things I’d like to exclaim over.. Western Texas was so desolate.. Like over 120 miles of nothing.. And I mean nothing.. Except rocks and scrub brush.. There may have been one Chevron filling station with a house trailer out back, and that is it.. I’m sure we missed a few Roadrunner or graders and their friends, but there was not much in the way of civilization..

The Rio Grande River, the border between US and Mexico was also unbelievable.. We were heading west out of El Paso, and I looked to my left and said “See those houses over there, that looks just like Central America..” A quick reference to the atlas, and we discovered it WAS Central America.. Mexico.. And this huge river that separates the countries, is about the size of our Muddy Creek at home.. Wow.. A huge iron fence as well as an incredible light system and umpteen border guards also helped make the border more pronounced.. We enjoyed the chance to dip our toes in the Rio Grande.. under surveillance..


We drove through the Texas Canyon today and stumbled upon some history.. The Movie Set for 3:10 to Yuma was were they kept a number of Japanese Officials shortly after Pearl Harbor.. What an unbelievable deserty rock pile..

DSC_0607 DSC_0600

Tonight, as we stood up on a hill overlooking Tucson, I was amazed at how big the sky was and how far the city stretched out before me.. The sunset was incredible.. A thunderstorm with lots of lightning was showing off to one side, and the full moon was shining down onto the desert.. The clouds were gorgeous.. And as I stood there thinking about how many people are living in the city below my birds-eye view, it hit me how little I really am.. And it is incredible to think that God takes the time to care about the little details in me life.. Cares for me.. For each one of us.. That blesses me tonight..

DSC_0625  DSC_0634

See you on down the trail.. Blessings to you! Good night, Kendra

2 thoughts on “Ramblings on Roadrunners, Rio Grande..

  1. Oh my goodness gal! I can’t keep up to you!! 🙂 glad your trip(s) are going good! Mine did too!!!! Now I miss everyone all over again….

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