Journey through the Midwest

The last week has gone past in a hurry. Well this entire summer has really, but I leave that where it is.. I thought I’d hit the high points to finish off the Western Expedition II.. Paradise Lane is  beautiful this morn.. It’s fun to go, but there’s no place like home..


We stopped, impulsively at a stock sale in the middle of Kansas.. What a busy place! It was interesting observing how much easier the cattle moved when guided by a horse instead of a shouting human.. And the prices those calves were bringing!! The climax of this experience was- they were having customer appreciation day, unbeknownst to us.. And yours truly won a door prize.. A poker set.. Just what I need..Which I tried frantically to peddle to everyone seated in the near vicinity.. And Mother quipped “Sure is a good thing you’re through Las Vegas already..” 🙂


We met “John” slowly making  his way down a dusty road in eastern Kansas.. He’s been on the road since 1978, attempting to bring Revelations to life for the modern church.. He sells doves that travel in the back of his train as one way of paying his way.. The Patriarch of my crew said “How are you” and John replied “with very little..”


Steamboat Arabia is a Museum in Kansas City, MO. In the winter of 1988-89, 5 men discovered a steamboat that had sunk in the muddy Missouri River in 1855. She was laden down with 200 tons of new merchandise heading for the frontier. The silt from the river quickly swallowed her and when the river changed course, she was left a perfect time capsule. I couldn’t believe it. 3.5 million beads, 4,000 brand new shoes, pickles that were still good, kegs of nails, saws, exotic dishes, yards of silk fabric… on and on and on.. It was really really worth the stop..


This pump handle gave these little guys a fit after a church service in Missouri.. 🙂


We toured the CAT plant. I stood open-mouthed at the front of these immense earth movers.. And I smiled at the knowledge that the preferred operator of this 25 foot tall beast -that runs an incredible 42 mph and carries 363 ton- are ladies… And the salary is supposedly $250,000/yr.. I’m considering a career change.. BAHA 🙂


A stop at in Amish country finished our tour..

What a journey.. As always, I’m so thankful to our Heavenly Father for His loving care once again.. Thank you for joining us.. 🙂 Blessings to you, Kendra

One last piece of advice:


From the Sunset:

  • Close the Day with Beauty
  • Be amazing
  • Have a glow about you
  • Make a dramatic exit
  • Show your true colors!


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