Food Pas or is that Faux Pas

Part I

Once upon a time, there lived a young farm girl who had just gotten her very own kitchen… For years this young girl had spent hours out in the barn and although she was very comfortable in the out-of-doors, she had very little experience creating food. In fact, one time she was making mashed potatoes and almost got her finger tore off by the Kitchen Aid mixer.. So her dad gave her advice.. “It’s way too dangerous for you in the kitchen, you are much safer in the shop working with table saws and things..”

That theory changed though, when the young lass met Prince Charming and they sailed off into the future, blissfully creating a new home. She wanted the Prince Charming Farmer to be well fed. And she did a wonderful job- creating delicious meals of steak and potatoes, salad with homemade dressing, all different kinds of dessert. It was amazing.

One day, Mrs Farmer was hungry for pizza. So she spent a considerable amount of time, creating the perfect pizza- with a His and Her section (pepper, mushrooms, and onions were not for Her) Hubby called as he left  the farm and she popped it into the oven with visions dancing through her head…

Several minutes later, she peeped into the oven to check on the progress and she noticed the cheese hadn’t melted.. Hmm..

Time passed- still no change… Mr Farmer meanwhile was waxing hungrier..

More time passed.. Finally she retrieved the pizza and investigated the non-melting cheese.. That’s when it hit her- along with the bag of frozen mozzarella cheese, she also had a bag of grated potatoes in her freezer..

Several days later, Julia asked Sherman what he wanted for breakfast and he quipped “How about some potato pizza? 🙂

Part II

Now the story continues that Mrs Farmer had a younger sister who was newly involved in helping to care for an aging couple. So two meals a day, three days a week, this dear heart would venture to the neighbors to prepare meals for them.

Some days she would fix a casserole or something.. Other days, she would prepare the leftovers from the fridge.. It was a happy world..

The man was losing a fight to cancer, but the Mrs, at 94 years old still had a very sharp mind.. In fact, somehow when her son was introducing the new caregiver to his parents, the one day he introduced “Rebecca” and the next day, he got the name correct and said “this is Deborah..” And the lady told someone “that Rebecca and Deborah sure could be twins..”

So, dear Debi was off duty during a week of vacation and she returned to find the fridge amply stocked.. It didn’t take long to establish that lunch would clean out the container of cabbage, and a vegetable.. “oh, perfect- here’s some meatloaf..” So she heated everything up and chopped it up in little pieces and “ta-da.. Lunch is served..”

The couple sat down and ate with gusto…until the lady questioned-as usual- “what is this?”

Deborah replied confidently “Meatloaf”

“Umm actually, it’s oatmeal cake- could we have some ice cream to go with it?”

So I guess we are learning to taste and see around here… Three cheers to my sisters for being able to laugh at their blunders and agree to allow me to share them with you.. 🙂

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” you know.. May your week have humor as well..



Bonus Pic:

DSC_0188 DSC_0203

We had some special company over Labor day.. 🙂

DSC_0216 DSC_0212

The Morning Glory is beautiful this year..

3 thoughts on “Food Pas or is that Faux Pas

  1. I’m so delighted to have found your blog!!!!

    That non melting cheese would’ve just done me in !!! Hehe! 🙂

    You girls are so lively and entertaining.

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