Be Safe

My phone rang, it was a report from the top of the silo: “Ok, Kendra, finish cutting that load and come on in- that’s all we need..”  As I cut the last load, my mind went to the post, I’ve been attempting to write.. SAFETY..


Several weeks ago, early Monday morning, as I was slowly waking up, my mind was rolling over what all needed to be done that week and I had this sudden feeling- this very well could be my last week. OK..  And it  kept running through my head at random times the rest of the week… “if you knew this was your last day- what would you do differently?” It was crazy-it just kept continuously showing up..  Finally I told Emily “Hey, this is random- but if I die- I just wanted you know I had a premonition…”  and she said “this doesn’t creep me out at all”…

After I survived the week, I was laughing at myself with some family, and Aunt Elva said “But you know, that’s something to always keep in your mind- whether your day entails driving down 42- where a car could cross the median and hit you head on or whatever- Life has no guarantees!”

This time of year-we are especially conscious- Everyone is working long hours. Equipment is huge. Loads are heavy. Safety is the first priority. We remind everyone to “be safe”. Reminders are shouted over the CB as we move from one job to the next. Phone calls “hey, be careful on that hill..” It’s texted back and forth- even becomes  snapchat advice.. 🙂 You can’t be too careful!

Earlier this week- the farm where we were cutting, had a silo unloader that stripped the cable- so they got a crane in to lift it to the top of the silo, while we filled it. It seemed a little pricey, but the farmer said “what is safety worth?” The irony of that statement is that while they were removing the ridge cap at the top of the silo, it broke into pieces and fell down and smashed the hand of an onlooker.. “what is safety worth?”


Obviously, God is in control and it didn’t hit the guy on the head- or the damage would’ve been extensive.. But that got me thinking.. We say “be safe” but really- it’s up to the mercy of our Heavenly Father… No matter how “safe” you are, God still calls people home.

The conclusion, as I followed that last load into the silo, is to live life- like this is your last day.. Carefully- yet zealously.. ” For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind..” 2 Tim 1:7


Upon arrival at the barn, I saw immediately something was wrong.. The guys that were supposed to be up leveling off the top of our silo- were chasing cows in our barn..

All blog post ideas fled, as I parked the chopper and ran to join the work. In summary, the 24X80 stave silo, that we had constructed on our farm in ’92 was going over-FAST-towards our back barns. We were on borrowed time to move our girls to safety.. They were so disoriented- and didn’t understand the urgency of the situation- but after we all almost lost our voices- they were safe..

That’s when I noticed Father wasn’t with us. I should’ve known.. He had fired up our JCB and was on a race against time and gravity, to change the fate of our barn.. Back and forth and back and forth- slamming the bucket into the opposite side of the silo- shattering the staves- creating a new weakness.


He worked relentlessly for an hour. Meanwhile- a few phone calls resulted in our lane becoming a high traffic area- as people rolled in to help.. And the whole time- my wrecking ball Dad- slamming away..

At one point- we could tell it had changed courses, but it looked like it was heading for our dairy.. Julia and Sherman moved their entire cow medicine cabinet to safety..

As onlookers- it was hard… Standing there knowing things were gonna be shattered. Yet they weren’t yet.. So we prayed desperately. We waited. We offered advice on “what he should do..” Even got out a range finder to guess where she’d land.. Meanwhile he kept at it- back and forth, back and forth.

Suddenly, it moved. Somebody shouted “it’s going” and Father roared out of the way- hallelujah. And we stood there and watched as 1000 tons of fresh silage, hours of labor, tons of concrete and steel whistled to the ground.  But none of us where thinking about the loss.


Our concrete giant had missed our dairy barn by an inch. Everyone gave a jubilant shout and ran into the dust to see things up close.


I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or just keep cheering- pretty sure I did all of the above.. Aunt Kathy gave me a hug and said “God is Good”  “ALL the time”…

So now the fun continues. I was so blessed by the volunteers who came last night-slaving away to create a path for the milkman to be able to pick up milk this morn. And I know today is gonna be even more incredible. There’s no way to clean this up without man hour after man hour.  Bless those who are here with their sleeves rolled up.


And so- no matter where life finds you- whether it’s standing on the top of a silo and realizing that it’s shifting- FAST and you have moments to do something… or its a job a little less risky.. Remember that God is in control and He IS good- all the time..


4 thoughts on “Be Safe

  1. Wow, it’s good the silo went down slow and no one was in it. I remember Granddaddy had a silo fall, but I think it was empty. Glad you and all your buildings are safe.

  2. Oh wow! I would of loved to been close enough to come and stand in awe with you all, as God answered prayers! I’m sure experiencing something like that changes your outlook on life.

    • It was surreal, really… I hope that I could still say “God is good-all the time” even if it’d crashed our barns.. Idk.. It would have been wonderful to have you experience this with us..:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful, touching story of God’s grace! I could see the whole thing in my mind especially Eldon raming the base to change the course for the silo to fall. This is so ingenious!.

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