Low Country Boil

Once, about 15 years ago, our family was invited to a Frogmore Stew Supper, as a thank you for hunting privileges… But that was my only experience with this unique supper that goes by dual names.. Frogmore Stew… Low Country Boil..

For the last several years, my parents have attended a customer appreciation supper out on the eastern shore- that boasts of the same event.. Fresh seafood.. Meanwhile, their oldest daughter, stays at home with the chopping crew and tries not to think about what they are getting in on..

I tried to do a bit of research on the history of the event.. As always, there is a variety of tales.. My favorite says that a shrimper in the town of  Frogmore on St Helena Island, SC was running low on food, so he threw a variety of potatoes, sausage, and corn in a pot.. He did have plenty of shrimp (lucky fellow) so he added those to make the dish stretch some.. And realized that these flavors went together splendidly..


Whatever the story is- I love history lessons- especially ones like this.. 🙂

We were so blessed by everyone’s sacrifices last week- putting their own agendas on hold- and helping clean up our catastrophe- that we wanted to do something.. So Mother suggested hosting a party.. Through this entire experience, We have seen God’s Hand in everything… Little details.. e.g: When Mother called her cousin, Marilyn, to see about renting Rushville Retreat, and the possibility of her helping with the event, Marilyn was quick to consent. Mother told her the unusual idea she had for the menu and Marilyn laughed and said “I’m fixing that tonight for 30 people, that shouldn’t be a problem..” Marilyn’s family really helped out.. Even creating special signs to direct guests into the park.. 🙂 Silos leaning in the direction they should go..


So things fell together rapidly, and by Saturday night, we had the tables covered with brown paper, the pots boiling and the guests en route..

Having never hosted a party like this- especially not for 200 people- it was a learning curve..


Frogmore Stew:

In a large kettle boil 4 lbs of potatoes in 4 qts of water, 2 tsp salt, 2 Tbs of Old Bay Seasoning for 10 mins

Add 2 lbs of Kielbasa sausage, cut into 1.5 in pieces- Cover and cook 10 more minutes

Add 8-12 ears of fresh corn on the cob- also broken into chunks.. Cook 5-7 minutes.

Add 4 lbs of shrimp- last but not least 🙂 cooking a few minutes until shrimp are pink.. Serves approx 15

We chose to go the casual, more authentic route, by spreading the food in the middle of the table, allowing guests to reach in and help themselves, finger food.. We provided cocktail sauce, sour cream, butter, and salt and pepper, lots of napkins and of course, sweet tea.


The one thing that we didn’t handle quite right, was evenly distributing the food… So the Brother-in-law and some of the kitchen help wandered among the masses “pilfering the crowd” attempting to even things out a little.. 🙂


And everyone was great sports… We ended the evening with pie, Shenandoah Family Farms soft serve ice cream, and coffee.


So that’s it. The chapter closes a week and a day after the initial excitement. We’ve learned a lot. God works miracles and people are very, very kind.

To quote the Brother-in-law- as he sank into a chair after finishing covering the pile of silage- last Sat night.. “The only thing that could’ve gone better about this experience would’ve been IF the silo hadn’t gone over..”

Blessings on your week,


Bonus Pics:

We started soybean harvest this past week..


The sunrises and sunsets have been incredible recently


One thought on “Low Country Boil

  1. Mmm had this before. Tho yours looks better with the option of salt. G’s aunt made it for a family gathering but it needed some extra salt. Mmm looks so good. I am so into food when I’m pg. Not good. Be-a-u-tiful sunset and sunrise!

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