So God Made A Farmer

*With credit to Paul Harvey for his work of art.. and too many hours in solitude on a tractor…

“And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said ‘I need a caretaker’. So God made a farmer..”

God said “I need someone who loves to work the ground to the point that during harvest he forgets to eat and doesn’t mind to miss sleep… Who worries when the ground is too wet, yet when it’s too dry- lifts pleading eyes to the sky… Who watches the market with a self educated interest and no matter the rise and fall of prices- heads out in the spring with the same determined enthusiasm… So God made a farmer.


He said “I need him to not be afraid of hard work, or making decisions. Able to make up his own mind, yet willing to listen to the experience of others. To be willing to get up early, stay up late, and still have a smile on his face. Because he’s doing what he loves. Because he is doing the best he can. Because he is living his life “as unto the glory of God” and he has discovered the secret to a happiness- “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life..” So God created a happy farmer.


God said “But he’ll need help. Someone who is a good partner, who fills in wherever. Who is able to send a meal to the barn in 10 minutes because “Sorry- I forgot to tell you, we have men who need lunch..” Who is willing to drop whatever and head to town on an emergency parts run. Who is a listening ear, a stable pillar… And who remains gracious when her well planned day- lays around her in ruins because “could you help..” So God created a farmer’s wife.


God knew that feeding the world was not a one generation need, so He came up with a carbon copy of the farmer. With a lot of the same tendencies and traits, yet a little different. Someone who loves to learn in the shop. Who is outspoken on the playground over what kind of equipment is best. Who is given responsibility at a young age and thrives under his dad’s adoring eye. Who understands that it’s not “Dad’s  farm” but it’s “our farm”.. Confident.. Dependable.. So God’s made a farmer’s son.


But something was still missing. There needed to be someone to bring her doll to the field to ride, and both buddy seat riders catch a nap-lulled by the motion of the tractor, as the farmer makes round after round.. Someone who knows how to pick rocks from the field and or a bouquet of wild flowers. Who pleads “please try on that down cow again” and cries when nothing changes and gently touches the old cow’s head and murmurs “I’m sorry ol’ girl…” Someone who is versatile enough to be comfortable wearing barn boots and yet enjoys dressing up to go out on the town. A spunky sort who isn’t afraid of hard work. One who can come in covered with dust after a day in the field and laugh at her farmer’s tan and say “what a good day”… So God made a farmer’s daughter.


And God took all these, and added some love and a laughter. A few animals, and good dog or two. He threw in some hard times but lots of blessings. Some sunshine,rain, a few rainbows. Added lots and lots of beautiful sunrises and sunsets… And some tenacity because” no matter what happens- we have each other” and called it a “Farm Family”.


And God saw that it was good. 🙂 -Kendra

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