Fog… Fall Foliage.. Potato Chips.. Puppy pics..

“So Kendra, where do you see yourself in 10 years?” My new-found friend climbed up into the chopper, occupied my buddy seat and poised the innocent question.. And caught me totally off guard.

My initial response was the standard “I guess I’ll wait and see where the Lord leads..” But as I pondered a little longer I said “I don’t think I have goals for where I’ll be in 10 years as much as I do WHO I’ll be.. More patient.. More forgiving.. More of a consistent example of Christ..”

I’m sure she has no idea how often my mind has returned to that question as I spend my time looking at the world through a windshield.. But it does. Where do I see myself at 37.. Or 47? Or…

I don’t know. I have a running list in my mind of things that I’d like to check off one by one by one.. (and as long as I continue to have the inspiration to write- with time- you’ll discover what those are.. 😉 ) But I’m not climbing a corporate ladder. I’m not hoping to finish a degree. What is the long-term vision for KH?

One thing I love about my job is the opportunity to experience things I very likely would not, otherwise. One of my farmer friends got rained out of the field this week, so he and his wife took the impulsive notion to spend the night at Skyland on Skyline Drive. And I provided transportation. Obviously when it rains in the Valley, there’s a pretty good chance of cloud cover in the mountains, and this time was no different. Deborah went with me on the return trip and we were thrilled with the opportunity to drive through a cloud.. But man, it was foggy.. Visibility was so limited, that it was hard to see the car in front of us. But then we’d come to a break in the fog allowing us to see the changing of leaves in the Valley beneath us..

DSC_0287 DSC_0278

So I came up with an analogy.. As I look at the future- sometimes I can see fairly clearly what ahead. And it’s beautiful.. But sometimes its foggy and there are twists in the road and you can hardly see the yellow line and it’s uncertain. It is so awesome to notice that there is beauty there in the mysterious silence of this part of the journey. And that the same sun is consistently shining in the Valley and above the fog… And as long as I stay on the road- there’s beauty ahead!

DSC_0272 DSC_0315

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I invite you to join me in giving the journey to our Omnipotent Tour Guide and relaxing in the knowledge that He has everything planned perfectly and there is beauty ahead!

Blessings on your week,


Bonus Pics:


We made potato chips at Uncle Fred’s this week.. What a fun process.. Running the peeled potatoes through a slicer to come up with thin, even slices of potatoes…


Frying the potato slices in an old iron kettle heated with firewood for several minutes in ” fat free” -ha- lard.. until crispy… And..


Adding salt.. or ranch.. or pepper to come up with a one of a kind treat… I love this part of my family’s traditions.. 🙂


All was done under the careful supervision of Uncle Fred’s newest family member.. Lewie… What a sweet pup!!!

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