Country Roads “the scenic route”

“Take the country back roads” they say “you see so much more than you do from the highway..”

Sixteen years ago, a group from our area managed to silence the “nay sayers” when they took a team of horses pulling a covered wagon and several saddle horses the entire way from our area to Goshen, Indiana. Twenty-five days and  over six hundred and thirty miles is no small deal! What an adventure they must have had…

This past weekend, I enjoyed traveling with this hearty bunch, retracing their route. And let me assure you, they traveled the back roads of the back roads… The leaves were beautiful as we headed out.. And I was sorry the sun wasn’t shining, but thankful for the moisture and the fact that it allowed me to leave the harvest and my dad with a less guilty conscience.. 🙂


These pioneers are a wonderful group of people, and I loved all the stories they pulled up from their trip.. Pretty sure I have a few sore muscles from the laughter.. The travel was a little more complex since it was “turn here” and “take that road..” and “WOA WOA WOA! We needed that road..” I have more road number running through my head right now, than.. Our worst mistake was a 14 mile in the wrong way… Got a good laugh at one of the men being confident “I remember that brick barn” only to discover that he’d never traveled that road before…


They spent a night camping under the “Pringle Tree”. During the French and Indian War, the Pringle Brothers deserted, and lived in a hollow sycamore in Buckhannon, WV until the need for ammo forced them to return to civilization. They had been gone for 3 years and upon arrival discovered the war was over and they were no longer wanted.. So they married girls and returned to the “Pringle Tree” area.. The current tree is the grandchild of the original.. All three trees have been on the same stump and been hollow enough inside to fit an 8 foot rail.. Local history.. My weekend was full of that and I loved it..


We spent some time on the Ohio River, watching a tug push 15 barges loaded with coal through the lock, and brushed up on our knowledge of how locks work…


We saw many of the campsites this group had enjoyed… They really traveled by faith- with out campsites lined up ahead, just stopping and requesting permission from land owners.. What struck me was the fact that getting in your car and driving to the next town to the motel that had vacancy was not an option… They spent a damp night at this barn..and.. “this may look like a regular barn to you, but I’m telling you, to us it looked like a Hilton..” lol


They cooked quite often on the trail, but also stopped at local “Ma and Pa” type eateries.. So we did too.. Local flare.. The swiss mushroom burger I had at this place was incredible.. But the atmosphere made me think I should’ve parked my Harley out front…


Our stop in Holmes County among the Amish was lots of fun… I even got a chance to connect with some friends there.. So much fun to hit a coffee shop with you, Beth, and your charming family 🙂 I return home with happy memories of Amish peanut butter, sky lanterns, hot spiced apple cider..


It was raining most of the way… This equipment (waiting on some sunshine) was owned by another family who hosted back when… The 16 row corn head had me completely impressed..


You really do see unique things on back roads… Mr Baldy was making a meal off of a frog that had a few tire track over him..


If we commented once, we said 100 times “Look at those leaves..” It was the perfect weekend travel. Indiana had never been so beautiful..


Sunday morning frost…


What a time… As I drove and listened to the journal entries and the laughter and the memories.. I was just inspired.. My mom often quotes “Dreams” by Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow

Maybe your dreams aren’t as complex as building a wagon, hitching up a horse and heading out… But it’s good to go on a mission by faith.. And see how God moves.

Dream big! 😊

3 thoughts on “Country Roads “the scenic route”

  1. so glad to hear about this trip. Your Mom was telling me you’d come by here the day they came to see us. As for the Harley, now that would be a good hobby for you to take up. 🙂 Jacob and Amos had planned to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway from Fancy Gap to Wincester this past weekend until…. Amos was on his way down to our shop on his bike when someone pulled out from the gas station above us without looking and his bike is probably totaled. He bounced across the pavement, came out with even a bruise. We’re thankful for God’s protection but the boys were both horribly disappointed to not get to take their ride.

    • Wow! That is a shame.. Thankful the story ends like it does! It’s a great time of year to travel.. The leaves are incredible.. Hope they get a second chance..:)

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