A few issues to be addressed… With luv- Head of Ranch Security

There’s a time to weep, a time to laugh… A time to war against varmints- a time for peace.. A time to bark, and a time for silence…

Ok, I get this. But I have a few things to explain to the folks around here… So here goes a rant from the Head of Ranch Security…

Dear Horst family,

If you notice- there’s a few things I’d like to comment on… So I know that y’all are busy here- I watch you slaving away outside- hello we are getting ready for a wedding here- and I’d just like to call to your attention when my posse and I dig in the yard too and create well-worn trails all through the flowerbeds- WE ARE HELPING! We all want this place to look its best come Aug… There’s a time to dig, and a time to refrain from digging…


Secondly- please don’t be irritated with us- but we are dealing with a heart-break. Now granted it’s not quite as bad for me as it is for Rolo. It would be like that object of my undying devotion- the Mother around here- would disappear… We miss Deb! So if we seem a little short tempered- there is a reason!

And thirdly- please don’t hamper our style… How would you like for us to hire you to do field work, and then not let y’all work except when it’s raining? Our job is ranch security… So when y’all pen us in the garage at night “because we bark”- you are committing a major breach of security. And the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet is you complaining about the whippoorwill who has moved in to holler on the house roof all night long… Ummm hello- you’ve captured the complete branch of National Security and banished them to never never land. Big surprise that the place is being overrun by aliens. Wake up, America!  So please don’t be angry with me whenever I- hee hee– avoid your cunning little plan and stay out at night… No prophet is accepted in his home country… And I realize that the insults hurled my way are based on lack of knowledge… I’m tough- I can handle this..


Fourthly- thank you thank you thank you for getting rid of all of Rolo’s latest family. It’s really stressful having to train in new recruits and I’m glad for the break. Seriously. P.S And I can’t say I hope the farm inherits a bunch of Kalila’s German Shepherd pups either…

And one last thing- remember that lab awareness thing Kendra was posting about? I think it’s time to add a few more pics..

Forever Chief of the Farm Management,

Detroit Snappenbarker Mendoza


S for Shoe Shiner


T for Taste Tester


U for Ultimate Stress Reliever


V for Varmint Control

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