Team Effort

The peak of my softball career happened in middle school. Somehow the eighth grade challenged the seventh graders to a match and we stepped up to bat without hesitation. It was awesome. We played for days until the eighth graders got sick of us beating them… Or our bragging… And soon it was just a memory. But there were valuable lessons learned in those softball games. More than just an occasional cardio workout as I sprinted around the bases. Lessons of teamwork: I would do my absolute best, but I relied on my teammates to let me know how fast the ball was coming in from the outfield-cheering me on-telling me when to stop. Lessons in winning (and losing) graciously. Lessons in forgiveness: extending it to others when somebody messed up-and to myself when I made a foul play… Life lessons. Yes-those were good days! 🙂

Due to the impending wedding frenzy that’s rapidly marching towards Paradise Lane-we have been doing some deep house cleaning, and I came across a CD I hadn’t listened to in awhile. This song really got me thinking:

 I need the prayers of those I love,

While trav’ling o’er life’s rugged way,

That I may true and faithful be,

And live for Jesus every day.

I want my friends to pray for me,

To bear my tempted soul above,

And intercede with God for me;

I need the prayers of those I love.

I need the prayers of those I love,

To help me in each trying hour,

To bear my tempted soul to Him,

That He may keep me by His pow’r.

I want my friends to pray for me,

To hold me up on wings of faith,

That I may walk the narrow way,

Kept by our Father’s glorious grace

I’ve been reading Paul’s writings and I’m challenged by his encouragement on prayer. “I thank God making mention of you in my prayers” “come boldly to the throne of grace” ” finally, brethren,pray for us…”
Isn’t that what the Christian life is all about? Teamwork to the finish line. We need to be active in cheering our teammates on. We need to know we have a support team.

The reality is that life hurts. There are disappointments and challenges and pain we would eliminate if we had half a chance. But it’s not nearly so hard when somebody cares enough to notice. To say ” how are you dealing with this?” “I care and am praying for you”.

I have a few encouragers in my life that bless me frequently. Just a quick note or text or whatever and changes it my day. People, that I can count on to cheer for me, whether I make an impressive hit or barely get on first base. Friends, who have sound advice over how fast to run or when to stop… Who understand that regardless of how long or intense the game-that I will need encouragement until I cross that home plate…

I need the prayers of those I love.

I want to be a better/more up building team player.



Bonus Pics:


I discovered this back a dirt road- a local farmer planted rows and rows of sunflowers and zenias… Country living at its finest. This blessed my day!


Nap time for Mr Tree Frog. His camouflage is quite versatile..


My parents posing like the famous “American Gothic” painting with a paddle my dad salvaged from the sea… I love this…


“A valuable thing in life to learn is: which bridge to cross; which bridge to burn…”



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