Letter to the Bride

Wedding bells rang on Paradise Lane Yesterday. The sun shone and the corn leaves rustled gently in the breezes and the sisters shed a tear as Emily and Kerry promised to “love and cherish from this moment”.

We felt the hand of God as thunderstorms came up and went north and south of us. And like the sky lanterns we released into the evening air- thrilling, but fleeting- everything went rapidly and was soon a memory as the couple headed out Paradise Lane as Mr and Mrs…

I’m excited to have another brother and I look forward to continuing my friendship with this beautiful lady I call my “little sis”.

I wrote this poem for one of Em’s bridal showers.

With Credit to Danielle Nedick who wrote the original “Just yesterday” and apologies to Aunt Janet ( and all of you poets) for when my heart throb doesn’t have perfect rhythm and meter…


I cant’ believe this season is here

How and when did time disappear?

I’m a first grader handing out your pic to my class

“She looks like you” they say

How long ago could that’ve been?

Wasn’t that yesterday?


Childhood times were busy indeed

Exploring Paradise Mountain

with a four wheeler as our steed

Pool parties, back yard wigwams and that renovated shack

Seems like only yesterday


You made me grow up fast- I must say

At least one medical emergency each time our parents went away

But I got my first ambulance ride out of the deal- Yesterday.


PR, PA, NYC and West the voicemail “I’ve been everywhere”

Bahamas, Outer Banks, Florida and Travel “Truth or dare”

Travelling buddies- we quickly became

When I needed a co-pilot just mention your name

Excitement of yesterday


Farmers daughters truly we are

Day after Day in the field…

Trying to break the record of acres/day

Or the best soybean yield…

That WAS only yesterday


So many memories floating along

Sharing with others through the gift of song

Caroling at UVA or by the campfire-

Gifts do not stop at that

I can’t exclude the delightful writings of the masked muskrat

Quality times of yesterday


A sister is a blessing beyond compare

We’ve been accused of being a pack

But I love to know my family is my friend

We have each other’s back!

Today and Yesterday

So now here we are

Different yet still the same

I’m excited to see what God has for you

Remember to call His name


And I love KJ- gaining brothers is fun

Don’t let “girls only” comments be a deceiver

I pray your home will be a light to the world



So thank you for all the memories

I treasure each one in my heart

As time moves on new ones will form

But the old will never depart.

Love you, Em and take good care of her, Kerry!


Bonus Pics:







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