Ode to the Custom Cutter

I empathize with song of the late November squirrel… You’ve seen him, I’m sure. He rushes back and forth all day. Working, Working, Working. Scurrying tirelessly over the forest floor attempting to provide for the days ahead. Discovering all sorts of valuable food items to carry away to the storage bins for the coming of winter. The dry leaves rustle as he hurries about with his cheeks filled to the brim with acorns, Damp Clouds billow overhead with the threat of winter snow. “Hurry” everything seems to whisper “Hurry, Oh Hurry!”

It seems I can hear that same whisper.  It comes from the dry cracked ground begging  for moisture, from the pale green stalks with brown drooping husks, from the tassels that are searching the clear blue sky  for rain. That whisper is heard on dancing strobe lights as we complete one job and move to the next. It  inspires us to skip sleep and eat meals on the go. “Hurry, Oh Hurry!”


You see, harvest is here. Corn Silage Harvest, and while each year plays out a little differently- this year the lack of rain during the last little while leaves the moisture evaporating out of the crop right before our eyes.

The challenge of our job is to catch the corn at the right moisture, ensuring hours of happy munching for our bovine friends. And while it might not seem like a big deal- I envision the difference being the choice between  a Strawberry Vinaigrette Spinach Salad and just plain dry Spinach. Kind of a no brainer, right?


Hurry we must.

So please understand if our tractors are loud and slow and work half the night beside your house. And, yes, I know our loads are big and we impede the flow of traffic from time to time. Sometimes it seems like there are big egos and lack of social etiquette when we miss events because “Sorry, I’m still in the field”- But if you listen closely- maybe you can hear the whisper too… “Hurry, Oh Hurry”


And soon the dust will settle and this season will be a memory of happy times spent working with the crew, of enjoying the sun (and the dirt) and beautiful creation around us,

But until then, thanks for being considerate of this job we love. And really- the contributor of your next slab of melted cheese on that juicy hamburger and  ice cream cone depend on us…


“Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as thought you were doing it for the Lord, and not merely for people” (and their hungry cows) Col 3:23


Blessings as you work heartily,


Bonus Pic:

IMG_4792 IMG_4782

When we open up the field- the only way to make the first round is by throwing the silage from the Harvester across the tractor (and operator) into the cart… Which includes a bit of a silage shower.. and some rather unusual opportunities for a selfie- (I promise I was driving responsibly)

2 thoughts on “Ode to the Custom Cutter

  1. It’s hard to believe that last Thursday I told you we had done a few jobs but weren’t going strong yet. This week has been as crazy for us as it obviously has been for you!

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