When my #2 fear becomes reality

There are a few scenarios that enter my mind occasionally that make me worry. Things that COULD happen… And wouldn’t you know- one of them actually did happen this past week.  And all the worrying in the world couldn’t have prepared me for it. It honestly made my day…

My number one fear is somebody being majorly injured in an accident.

My number two fear is being stranded out along the road with a whole bunch of ladies and a flat tire. My mind’s eye can come up with the exact scene: trip home from Lancaster. Bone weary. Flat tire. Emptying the box (of all the new fabric and cream filled doughnuts and everybody’s Christmas gifts) to remove it and wrestle the spare tire from under the van… There’s no beauty in this pic. None at all… I shiver at the thought.

I’m not fond of pulling a trailer. I don’t turn down a trip because of it-  but it’s more responsibility  and it’s more work- but that’s ok. From time to time, someone will fill a few miles with tales of their trailer woes… “the last trip we pulled a trailer, we had a flat tire, and no jack and then a wheel bearing went out- Sure were glad there were men along to handle it…” And my mind comprehends and my heart skips a beat… Ugh… What would I do?

My day Thursday got off to an unusual start- my mom beat my alarm clock by a few minutes to bring me breakfast in bed. Whatever would possess a lady to make breakfast for her adult daughter before 3:30 am is a mystery to me- but regardless- I don’t plan to move out any time soon 🙂 my mom is amazing… I knew it was going to be a good day!

The way that being a van driver works, is- you start each trip with what is called “pick up” and roam all over the country to each person’s house to pick them up.  There is no way to expedite this process and usually adds close to 1.5 hours at the beginning and ending of each trip.  But soon we (12 ladies and I) were to Rocky Cedars and were hooked up to the trailer loaded with clothes for Christian Aid Ministries and headed out into the darkness.

We hadn’t gone but a quarter of a mile when I got that annoying tire pressure warning on my van’s dash. I love GMC’s but I’m in a constant battle with their tire pressure gauge- somehow they tend to cry wolf…  Just in case there was an issue this round, I pulled into a gas station before we hit the interstate and when I got out of my van- before I even made it to the courtesy pressure gauge, my ears picked up that ominous hissssssssssssssssssssss… Oh boy…

I called my sleepy mechanic and filled him in on the situation as we tore back out 33 towards some warm, dry, shop with lots of lights. (my dear parents are very long-suffering) I told him I thought my uncle’s shop was the closest and Father said “well, see what you can find- I can come if you need me..”

So, I called my cousin at a cheery 5:30 am and explained to him as best  I could that there was an entire load of damsels in distress heading his way- could we use his shop? Very clever, I know. But I hated to out-right ask him to leave his warm house and change a tire.

As we rolled in the lane, he was walking towards the shop, and it took him about 5 seconds discover the nail in the tire, and get to work extracting the nail and plugging the tire. In the mean time, all 13 of us gathered around and watched our knight in shining armor and cowboy boots perform a surgery on the van’s tire. It was something to behold. (and it that wasn’t punishment enough, now I’m blogging about it 😉 )

In less than 10 minutes, he had the tire pressure back up to normal and we were on our way. The trailer did famously. We rolled into the CAM Clothes Packing Center at 8:31 ( they wanted to be there at 8:30) Wow.

It sounds really crazy, but this little incident made my day.Why? All day the verse from Phil 4:19 went over and over in my mind  “But my God will supply all your need…” My God supplies all MY needs.. It couldn’t have worked out better. God worked out all the details for me so beautifully, and my heart smiles at the reminder that He takes good care of me… (And who’s to say- should the flat tire happen on the way home from Lancaster- maybe we can feed the Good Samaritan that God sends along a cream filled doughnut or two)

So, my friend, I don’t know what your worst case scenario is, and if your cousin will bale you out… But I do know that God can and will work things out a lot more flawlessly than either you or I could… May He supply ALL your need…



Bonus Pics:

We enjoyed Skyline Dr last weekend… A hike to Dark Canyon Falls, almost full moon, lots of brightly colored leaves… Beautiful!

DSC_0528 DSC_0480

DSC_0518 DSC_0543 DSC_0547

3 thoughts on “When my #2 fear becomes reality

  1. Hi Kendra! I always enjoy reading your posts……….And this one is def. a Very Real Fear for me! Especially living in the land of No Cell Service and Hardly Any Houses. But you know, it’s never happened so far; and if it would I know, like you said, the Lord would be right there.

    • Absolutely! It’s just easier to worry than to trust 😔 so this was a good reminder for me… He takes such good care of His children…Blessings to you !

  2. You know the verse in Job that says, “the thing which I have feared has come upon me”? Well, I’m learning that’s a common experience for God’s children, and I’m learning to watch what I fear!

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