Around the World Day 4: Culture and Haiti

Today, we hear from Ben who does a great job at expounding on cultures and how to best adapt to whatever culture you find yourself in. He should know- he’s been on most of the Continents already!  Thanks, brother!

Whenever you go to a different culture, the natives there often- speak a different language, eat different food, do things different from the way YOU ARE USE TO etc. This gives us two choices: one is to judge and compare (which leads us nowhere and often will prevent us from connecting with them in a way that we can minister to them or even perhaps enjoy the trip.) Second choice is: To go with an open mind, and ask God how He sees the people, culture, and instead of judging them see what you can learn from them. There is always something you can learn or appreciate about a different culture.Honor them by asking questions and learning why they do it ,is often interesting.


Culture is part of the beauty that God has created!

Body language speaks more than words in other nations. Example: I moved to Haiti after the earthquake, and worked in the slums of Port Au Prince. Their language was different, the way they did things was different and it was known as a dangerous part of the city. I saw people come and loved them, and was amazed as people who were known as dangerous  softened up to these foreign missions, because of the love they showed through their body language.

People are people wherever you go, all created by the same God. They may look different, act different, talk different, etc. But there is always a language every person understands and that is body languages.

One more thing 🙂 a smile, a touch works the same to any child in any culture. The same way we feel when we feel God giving us a smile or touch. *editor’s favorite thought

Another thing I learned: Don’t give handouts to the poor, it will make them beggars and view people as someone who gives handouts instead of a friend. Better to teach them a trade so they can provide for themselves in the long run.

As someone said it is better to teach a person how to fish than give a handout.

-Ben Stoltzfus


One thought on “Around the World Day 4: Culture and Haiti

  1. Hey Kendra this is all so interesting!I’d like to add to your stories but there doesn’t seem like there’s time to spare around here.:( thought maybe the thought would count…

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