Around the World: Summary by the Wise Old Owl

Mr Blue Jay peered out into the sparkling snowy wilderness around the Great Tree, that held the bird feeder where he and Mrs were feasting on breakfast, his beady black eyes surveying the countryside. “You know, Mrs, there’s been something I’ve been pondering recently and today, I’ve decided that I’m absolutely right with my observations.”Mrs Blue Jay passed an adoring glance at her confident mate. ” Do tell, Mr Charming”

“I have decided that we are the best birds.”

She smiled and continued crunching on the bird seed provided by the farmer’s wife, so he continued: “We eat the best food- seeds that we find or are gifted to us- what if we had to eat –shiver– fish from a stream… Nope- instead we have every need and wish supplied- because we are happy to eat seeds (and occasionally the farm dog’s dog food)

And… We are the best color. With my blue coat I match the sky as I fly. No ugly brown or bright colors for me!

And-I hate to say this- but our voices are the perfect pitch.” he paused mid thought to glide through the air and shout a few “THIEF THIEF” s at the cat who was making its way to the barn.

“You see, a pitiful chirp wouldn’t have taught that cat a thing.” He explained as he landed back by the feeder.

His wife nodded in agreement. “I’ve never thought about it like that- but I believe you absolutely have a point.”

“May I ‘have a point’ too?” Mr Owl stuck his head out his bedroom door and then joined the Blue Jays on the tree.

The Blue Jay’s cast amused glances at each other- Mr Owl is rather groggy after a sleepless night of hunting and before he gets his coffee. His one ear looked like he had slept on it. He ruffled his feathers. “We- umm- weren’t trying to disturb you… Sure, present your case”

Mr Owl paused a little and began: “Who’s to decide who’s best? Suppose that we should all adapt to your way of life- what would the Eagle do trying to hang onto this bird feeder with his massive claws? or what if I’m right in hunting prey at night? How’s your night vision? or maybe the Baltimore Oriole builds the best nest- carefully knitting a sack nest hanging in a tree- what would the long legged Blue Heron do?


Or what if the Humming Birds thirst for nectar was preferable to catching rabbits- can you see the Red Tail Hawk hovering in front of each brilliant flower? Maybe the Canadian Goose’s trip to the Southland is the perfect winter getaway-what would a penguin do? I can see him now-waddling over hill and dale in his black tuxedo sweating like a racing mule… Tell me, friends, who is the perfect bird?”

The Blue Jays crunched their breakfast thoughtfully, so Mr Owl finished with one last remark. ” In the grand orchestra of the woodland- it takes all creatures to make the most melodious sound. I think if we were all cello, or all flutes, or trombones- the music wouldn’t be all that outstanding… It takes us all” and with that wise remark- He disappeared for another nap.

Mrs Jay looked adoringly once more at her confident mate. ” You sure know how to create conversation.”

He winked at her and said ” He does ‘have an excellent point’.”

And thus brings us to the end of our culture quest.

Except it doesn’t. Culture will surround us forever. Embrace it. Love how it makes a difference in who you are as an individual. Look for it in your friend or neighbor and realize how it makes a difference in their story. And most of all- allow others to be who they are meant to be. No culture is completely right. None are completely wrong. We need all instruments in this orchestra of life to create the fullest, most vibrant song…

In the end- it’s not our culture that’s going to matter- it’s where we stand before Our Loving Heavenly Father…

“All God’s Children singing glory, glory, He reigns, He reigns…”



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