I remember when my mom turned 30. Her in-laws came and brought a HUGE box full of 30 gifts and we stood there wide eyed as she retrieved gift after gift. I couldn’t believe it. As the pile of opened gifts grew beside the box, I tried to imagine that many gifts. 30. One for each year. When it came down to it- I couldn’t imagine being that old either.
But here I am. Well, not really, because I just turned 29. But my mom tells me that this is my 30th year and since my brain is rolling with a brainstorm- I might as well get started with it.

I am on a quest for #30for30. I am looking to get in on 30 new experiences in the next little while. I’ve started a list of things I wish to do. I thought maybe I’d wait until after next Nov to start, because I wanted my little sister Deborah to get in as many parties as possible, but then my list started to include more and more time consuming things, and I realize that I don’t want to completely let it consume my days- so this is gonna be a 2 year project.
But I need help. I’d love to hear from you- maybe you’re involved in a ministry that allows for a tag-along. Maybe you know of something really unique in your back woods. Maybe you make some specialty food, or knit mittens for the homeless, or babysit foster children and could use an extra hand. I just want suggestions! kdh.farmersdaughter@gmail.com
Part of me thinks 30 isn’t very many things and part of me wonders how I’ll ever come up with that many opportunities- lol . I’ve nominated my family as my board of directors to help my list become somewhat diversified. Somebody wondered who’s the treasurer. I do need a treasurer. J But in all seriousness- I’m not looking to spend a pile of money. I just want to look back on this time as a time of experiences, and education and adventure. I want to know that I seized the opportunity to celebrate life and shared in the joy of the incredible people in my world…

“For Thee delightfully employ,

Whate’er Thy bounteous grace hath given,

And run my course with even joy,

And closely walk with Thee to heav’n.”

Oh, and I do get final say over what I get into- sorry, Emily, but I will not be skydiving…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a 5K to train for…
Stay tuned- more blog posts on this adventure coming 😉


Bonus Pics:

Winter Storm Jonas was incredible- My married sisters and their husbands, and a few friends joined my parents and I in being snowed in on Paradise Mountain! It was so exciting 😉 We watched it snow, ate wonderfully, put more wood on the fire, joined in the challenge of chores and pulling out the milk truck on multiple occasions… Definitely a storm to remember! So much beauty!


3 thoughts on “#30for30

  1. Write a book! It could b a children’s book with photos for the pictures. That’s my dream that will probably never happen so I’ll let u do it:)

  2. And by the way I remember that party for your mom. Seems crazy she was only 30. I thought she was way old! And I remember a pic of her opening gifts with u and jul looking on in awe with mouths a-gap :). (I think it might have been grandmothers pic)

  3. Kendra, come on up next weekend and walk 12 km on our ‘coldest night of the year’ event to raise money for the homeless. Wendell and Twyla are going and I promise you the warmest welcome afterward!

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