Part 2 of 3: Wowed by Wales

Our British Isles itinerary was packed. Before we knew it, we were bidding Ireland good-bye and boarding a very plush ferry to sail across St George’s Channel to the beautiful countryside of Wales.

Our time in Wales was too brief. I wish I could go back and spend more time here, but at least we got a small taste…

Wales boasts of the town with the longest name in the world. We stopped for lunch and found a little cafe across the road where I bought a lamb and potato pie… I asked the ladies that worked there to pronounce the name of the town for me- the daughter couldn’t, but she asked her mom who spouted it off.. What a handle! Maybe having to write out “Singers Glen” every time I write my return address isn’t such a big deal after all.. 🙂



Wales also boasts of a population of 3 Million people and 9 Million sheep…


And a coastal town with incredible change in tide where a certain William and Kate live…



I loved the Beaumarius Castle. The building started in 1295 and went on for 30 years before they ran out of money and had to deal with a foreclosure. Or something- maybe they didn’t have foreclosure’s back then. But regardless- it was my 100% idea of a castle- complete with a moat and everything. We explored through these dark damp chambers, winding stairs, and open areas that c0nnected all over the place- I would love to see the blueprints for the project  – wow… How awesome is it to explore a fortress like this?  And too soon, time was dictating that we head on to the next place…




We crossed into England and spent some time touring the home of William Shakespeare’s wife Anne Halloway.


And visited Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford. Found this quote from the man himself and it has me thinking… ” A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.” – William Shakespeare


This is the most unique guestbook I’ve ever seen. Guests were asked to sign the window way back when… This is one way for everyone to know at a glance if your gift is hospitality, I suppose 🙂


These men had so much Shakespeare in their heads it was incredible. They were taking requests from the crowd- anybody could request whatever, and they would recite it. The man in the red chatted with us a bit, commenting on his love of Americans and said “I think July the 4th is a good day for you to reflect on your sins…” lol I guess English History would probably sound different than the American side-of-the-story we are so familiar with…


The canal system in Stratford leading out to the River Avon also had me fascinated… This man with his canal houseboat was going through the locks and provided a diversion on the way to lunch. He made us laugh when he opened the lock and as the water level changed, he shouted at our group “Everybody come help my boat is sinking” Meanwhile, His first mate rode calmly in the front to the boat 🙂



When you’re in Rome you do like the Romans… We enjoyed an afternoon tea in Oxford. I would be glad to meet up with a scone like that one again sometime 🙂 It was so much fun to relax and sip our tea and watch the world go by… Thanks Rachel for the pic..

Because a “Merry Heart does good like a medicine” I leave you with this pic… I finally found a “knight in shining armor”. lol

Blessings on your day of rest, Kendra



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