Part 3 of 3: Beautiful Britain and a Child of the King

I don’t remember what the occasion was, I only remember “the talk”. I must’ve been a teenager who had big idea of some perfectly logical reason that she should go to an afternoon social instead of milk. I remember my dad prepared and delivered a fairly lengthy sermon that consisted of “WE are dairy farmers. You only milk every other evening and there is no reason that you are always thinking you should skip out. This is the job we are called to do. It requires sacrifice, but it’s just how it is. WE love what we do.” And the case was closed. Somehow this little insignificant chat stuck with me. I realized that while eventually I would have a choice in my occupation, I was born into a farming family, and therefore, the only choice that I had in the matter was whether I chose to love what we do or not.

Last week, we toured Windsor Castle. We watched the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. We learned so much about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. We saw about a million postcards with her smiling face. We passed up all sorts of chances to buy souvenirs with William and Kate smiling beautifully. We all thought maybe we should be crossing paths with Prince Harry-lol. But as I stood there in the midst of all those people, all of us trying frantically to see the old guard change out with the new one, I tried to imagine what it would be like to be born into the royal family. What would it be like to be known all around the world because you were given to a certain family? How would it be like to inherit so much wealth and so many mansions just because? What sacrifices do they make because of their title? And even though being a dairy farmer’s daughter and being a princess are completely unrelated, I wonder how similar the principle is- “This is what we are called to do. It requires sacrifice, but that’s just how it is. WE love what we do.”

Somewhere on those bustling London streets, God sent a reminder to my heart. “My daughter, as you are so amazed by the wealth and prestige you see here, are you comparing that to the Kingdom you are an heir of?” Wow. I can’t fully grasp being a joint heir with Christ (Romans 8). Isn’t that exciting? And really, my dad’s words ring true here as well “This is what we are called to do. It requires sacrifice, but that’s just how it is. We love what we do.”

This week, I’m basking in the reminder that I am a Child of the King. An actual heir to those heavenly mansions that will last longer than these 800 year old castles and 5000 year old stone. I am so unworthy… What a wonderful Saviour! Kendra



Changing of the guard, Buckingham Palace and trying to see over the sea of people…


Windsor Castle



This flag flies when the Queen is in


And they were chopping at the Windsor farm (maybe I have more in common with the royal family than I realized-ha 🙂 ) Who knew I could be so excited over a JCB tractor? The royal family has a farm store where you can buy products from their farm.


Rainy day fun at St. Paul’s Cathedral


We really went cross cultural and observed mass in the beautiful West Minster Abby



We walked across the Tower Bridge while trying to get in Jenny’s required number of miles in a day 🙂


#8of30 rode a ferris wheel I hope this counts anyways. The London Eye stands 443 ft tall and each glass capsule can hold 25 people. AND I didn’t even die. Thanks Ms Gina for joining us for the adventure 🙂





Big Ben at dusk


I loved the random musicians filling the streets with music along the way. Well, there was one new violinist that I didn’t love (my spine is shivering just remembering) but anyway


Romans built these baths before Christ. The first absolute date they have is 76 AD. This is one of the only hot springs in the UK.


Bath is famous for their pasties. These are little hand pies filled with chicken, pork, lamb and potatoes or other veggies.


Pig houses at a pig farm on the way to Stonehenge


Our experience at Stonehenge was not what I was expecting. We went the day after summer solstice and there were still a number of Druids there worshiping in long white robes. Another group was protesting that everybody had to pay, so they stood across the interstate shouting poetry over a loud speaker and eventually one purple mohawked protester with a sign got up the courage to jump the fence into the grounds and they evacuated all of us. So anyhow. It  is incredible to think they brought these 25 ton stones from Wales before the invention of the wheel.


Never saw a vending machine like this 🙂


And just like that, it’s over. leaving only a thousand pics on my camera and a number of memories on my heart. I loved the group that we traveled with. Bring 92 strangers together from all over and it could’ve been something else, but it was a very enjoyable blessing. And thanks to the rest of you for patiently following along on our adventure. 🙂 blessings-k



One thought on “Part 3 of 3: Beautiful Britain and a Child of the King

  1. I’ve enjoyed your posts, especially this one! Beautiful analogies, and great how God points our thoughts toward him even in the unexpected moments.

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