Frenzied Fourth and Family

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

The heart was fond for starters. But absence really doesn’t hurt that. My life has been a whirlwind since the Isles trip. Deborah flew in and met us at the airport. What a fun and very short 12 days. Sunday Eve was the definite highlight where the entire family was together here at Windy Hollow and we grilled out. (Actually Mr W grilled and the rest of us ate- what a perfect partnership- lol)


We enjoyed the Herschberger family’s visit completely… Little Kendra’s love of canines is something to behold (except when the pup is going after her watermelon)… What a great family!


The guys had a few firework type activities to complete the evening… They had a contest to see who could shoot a bottle rocket and take out my sky lantern… I felt smug that the score remained sky lantern 1 bottle rocket 0 🙂




As always, time together was too short…. I thought about how many campfires we’ve enjoyed as a family and how special it was to have us all together for the first time in a year. Family is a wonderful blessing.  – Kendra

Bonus Pics:

Wheat harvest came and has pretty much gone..


We tried to cross of #9 on the #30for30… But it sadly remains unchecked. We headed off valiantly to go spelunking… But the cave remains MIA… We got completely drenched after traipsing of the mountain for almost 3 hours in what started out as cloudy and ended in a downpour… And I’m afraid, judging from the poison ivy reports that are filtering in, I’m going to need to summons new troops to get this one accomplished… More on this on later 🙂


And finally attempt at family photos…


Way to point at the intruding dog, Kendra




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