Beachin it

“It’s a beautiful day on the island. The sun is shining. The sea birds are singing a melodious tune. The fresh, sweet aroma of the ocean is drifting in the air. It’s easy to feel tranquil here.” -Steve Ludwigs

And this, my friends, sums up 13 of a 17 day stretch in July. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels that undeniable sense of urgency to rush for the shore upon occasion…

3 different beaches in 3 different states. 3 lighthouses. 3 incredible fun groups of people. 3 different dolphin sightings. 2 off shore fishing trips. 1 ferry ride. Countless applications of sunscreen. Innumerable waves. Too many brazen seagulls. (Seriously they swooped in and stole a sandwich out of my friend’s hand on one occasion) So many gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.1 awesome group of family and friends who changed their vacation match my work schedule.

I can’t help but fall a little more in love with the Creator every time I spend time at the water. Somehow these Works of His Fingers speak peace to my soul in a way that’s different from the beauty inland. Praise Him!

-1 thankful Kendra.

And so- here is a brief pic journey:


Cape May, NJ


What a deal- a 1/4 lb hotdog


Ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE


Assateague Island Lighthouse






Apparently I’m not a lucky fisherman


The rest stop on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is always a charmer





My fish was about the same size as the goldfish from my last trip



Emily captured this gorgeous shot during an all day thunderstorm


#11for30 swimming in the ocean in the full moon light So SO gorgeous


Isaac’s trick kite-Notice how close the tail of the kite is- it was that close to my parents heads lol

One of the girls wrote this to the tune of “We Three Kings” I thought it was too cute not to share. This was a group of schoolteachers…

We young ladies from ‘Ginia  are

Dreaming of being on a quiet sand bar

Waves and Ocean, sand and motion

Calling us from afar!

chorus: Oh, beach of sand dunes! Beach of cheer!

Beach with ocean breezes clear!

Seaward calling (We’re not stalling

Seeking oceanside so dear!)

It is calling us all to stop

Swiftly this moment and thoroughly drop

Books and garbish, pens and rubbish

All that burst our tops!

chorus: Oh, how peaceful the waves that play,

Washing the seashore every day

Gulls and seashells, clouds and kitetails,

Chasing our stress away!


3 thoughts on “Beachin it

  1. Even though I grew up in Virginia (Harrisonburg area; Dayton Mennonite Church), I didn’t realize that the Eastern Shore of Virginia (near Chincoteague/Assateague) existed. Now I live there. I love driving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge!

    We recently started an online Mennonite blog directory ( which is intentionally simple –just a list to help bloggers and readers connect.

    Would you be interested in adding your blog to the list? If so, you can fill out this form ( which asks for an affirmation of the ’63 Mennonite Confession of Faith, a square photo, and a blog description (50 words or less).

    Thanks for considering it!

    Tabitha Driver

    (Random Connection: I think your brother-in-law played basketball with my dad some.)

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