Custom Cutter’s Creed

I am a custom cutter.

I am aware that the financal success of the farmer depends on my ability to perform my job well- ensuring him with the highest quality of feed available.

Therefore, I work with a sense of urgency, yet keeping safety as an utmost priority, realizing that mistakes in my line of work can be fatal.

That urgency still doesnโ€™t dull the beauty in nature around me. I will still notice the wildflowers along the edge of the field, try to identify the flock of birds that migrate overhead, and appreciate that unique cloud formation on the horizon.
I will appreciate loyal customers and memorize those hidden irrigation risers, well casings, and rock breaks.
I will compromise mealtime and always bless the hands who send food to the field.
I will forgo social engagements, and skimp on sleep to ensure the crop is harvested in a timely manner.
I realize that the challenge of our season is tackled by our crew and I will be the best team player possible. I will admit my mistakes. I will join in the laughter even when it’s at my expense.
I will rejoice as the first rays of each day kiss the dew that glistens on the field. I will celebrate the heat of the day with a cool drink. I will watch the sunlight fade across the mountains and the evening stars silently appear over head with a full heart.

Because I recognize the beauty of the season, and the Blessings from the Lord God Almighty for allowing me this privilege; this incredible task.
Because farmers feed the world, and I am a Custom Farmer. 

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